Cannot connect to MariaDB Columnstore database on Docker

I’m running MariaDB 10.5 Columnstore on Docker as described here. This works fine when I connect to the database starting a command line in the container itself. I can connect and create a database and tables.

But when I try to connect with an SQL Client (such as DBeaver) from localhost on port 3306, I get the following error:

Host '_gateway' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server 

I tried to fixed that changing the /etc/my.sql.d/server.cnf file. I tried all the options below but the container always fails after restart, no matter the option.

How to make a MariaDB Columnstore container accept connections from localhost and/or other IP addresses?

These are the options that didn’t work:

[server] bind-address = ::  [mysqld] skip-networking bind-address =  [mysqld] bind-address = ::   [mysqld] skip-networking bind-address = ::   [mysqld] skip-networking=0 skip-bind-address