Can’t find HDD drives after extend partition of Ubuntu on SSD

I have a micro server, with one SSD and two HDDs. There are windows and Ubuntu on SSD. After the partition of Ubuntu is full, I tried to extend it. Using a live-usb Ubuntu system and GParted, I erase the Windows system and extend the partition of Ubuntu. After that, I manager to boot into Ubuntu but I can’t find my two HDD drives. I have tried sudo fdisk -l and lsblk, only /dev/sda is shown in the result. sda is my SSD driver. Then I reboot and enter into grub command line. I tried ls there, the result is as follows: grub_screenshot As you can see, there are three drivers: hd0,hd1 is my HDD, hd2 is my SSD. But after I enter into the Ubuntu system, I still can’t find hd0 and hd1. Any thoughts about what’s to do next? Thanks!