Can’t get smartphone’s wifi to automatically connect to dslr

At first time connecting my smartphone to DSLR’s wi-fi, I get a message box stating that no internet access could be reached, and asking if I want to keep connection though. So, I just tap “yes, don’t ask me again”, and everything seems to go well. I use the dedicated Canon/Nikon app, download photos and disconnect. When I want to connect again, I find that my smartphone doesn’t connect automatically to DSLR’s wifi. So I open wifi menu on my smartphone, see my dslr’s network, and tap on it, but I get the weird message “this network is not internet connected, so it wont be used”. I’m not able to get my connection working again until I turn wifi off and on again in both DSLR and Smartphone. Then, it goes as if I was connecting it for the first time. As I work on real-time journalism, this little issue gives me some headaches (specially when my boss wants the photo “right now”)

This happens regularly on my Android 7.0 Motorola Moto G5 plus, whether using Canon Camera Connect for EOS 80d and EOS Rebel t6s/760D, or Nikon WMU for D750. I got the same behaviour on moto G3 when I had one. Might it be a Motorola issue?

Btw, Canon’s wifi app surpasses Nikon’s by far, on Nikon wmu you can’t even see anything until the whole camera memory was scanned, and “send to smartphone” DSLR option works always reduces file resolution.