Cant get wordpress to work on subdirectory

I have an ubuntu server.

I already had nginx and some page there which works.

I wanted to add wordpress on /blog path

I installed wordpress using this setup

(I didnt start step 7 because i cant get the page to show up)

With the setup wordpress lives in /srv/www/wordpress where i see index.php and everything else

i did modify my nginx conf file

server {      root /var/www/example;    server_name;    index index.html index.htm index.nginx-debian.html;    ...    location / {     try_files $  uri $  uri/ =404;   }    location ^~ /blog {     root /srv/www/wordpress;     index index.php;     try_files $  uri $  uri/ /index.php?$  args;      location ~ \.php$   {         try_files $  uri =404;         include       fastcgi_params;         fastcgi_pass;     }   }    ... 

The new part is location ^~ /blog ... and i am unsure how it should look like.

Right now as it is if i go to the browser offers me to download some file. (its a short php file with the name "download")

Thx for any suggestions