Can’t install anything but cuda 10.1 with driver version 430

I’ve been trying to roll back to cuda 10.0 with no success. I previously had Cuda 10.1 on my system, which had been installed using a runfile. I uninstalled it using the uninstall script. However, now whenever I try to install a different version of CUDA, I get Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch.

I have tried completely removing all versions of cuda and nvidia drivers using

sudo apt –purge remove nvidia-* sudo apt –purge remove cuda*

Then I reinstalled just the driver to see if I could get nvidia-smi to work. However, if I install 410 or 418, I get the same error message. nvidia-smi only works if I install 430.

All I can think is that there are some files that were put in place by the runfile that never got removed and that’s corrupting my installation. I have been using .deb files to install cuda 10.0 and the ubuntu repository for the drivers.

I’m running ubuntu 18.04 and I have two rtx 2080ti. I have been rebooting after installing drivers, removing drivers, and installing CUDA.