Can’t set static IP for WiFi correctly in Android device

I’m using static IP configuration for accessing college WiFi in my window laptop. For that I’m using following batch file (.bat) to configure settings by one click. The file contains following information:

netsh interface ip set address    name="Wireless Network Connection"     source=static addr=     mask= gateway=    gwmetric=1  netsh interface ip set dns  name="Wireless Network Connection"    source=static addr= primary netsh interface ip add dns   name="Wireless Network Connection"    addr= index=2 

The problem in configuring this in Android is that the above file contains two static address( and where as in Android there is only one option to enter static IP address and there are two fields foe DNS but here in file only one DNS is given so which IP should I enter in IP address field of my phone. And what about 2nd DNS address?

Following is the screen shot of configuration screen of my phone.

enter image description here