Car Chase sequence in modern 5E?

I’ve done a few vehicle sequences in our campaign so far, where I drop my party into a situation that requires one of them to pilot a vehicle and react to environmental challenges thrown at him as a result of his piloting abilities. I’ve used Dex checks to accomodate overcoming this, but I’m curious if anyones aware of an established or widely used methodology that I can adopt to make this more challenging/interesting? The meat of the next session is going to involve a high-speed pursuit through the avenues of a city in lockdown, and I want the party to feel like they’re doing more than just on rails.

To summarise;

  • Is there an established approach to handling vehicle handling/chases?
  • Should I give my passengers any specific advantages or disadvantages if they attempt to attack pursuing vehicles?
  • How should I measure the length of the chase? (I was thinking I’ll throw 10 to 20 ‘milestone’ challenges at the pilot, and if he succeeds, they reach intact, if not, the pursuit comes to an end)