Catch-All + Inbound Routing E-mail [closed]

Mailgun offers catch-all for all domains against a cloud pricing , in my case 2 dollars per month. This works well for my private domains.

Email routing however (so that you can forward to to and to costs 420 dollar per year.

Is there a provider which lets me add all domains with catch-all and WITH e-mail routing against the same "pay by usage" (2 dollar versus 35 dollar per month) for low usages (I receive around 3000 e-mails over all domains per month, 1500 are stopped by spam filter and 1500 go through and are actually for 90% also spam 🙂 ).

(and i do not want to pay for 150 inbound mails that i actually read per month pay 35 dollar per month) (so pay 25 cent per e-mail i read) (as i now pay around 1 cent for every email i read).

(this is not a discussion on which is the best, this is a question on: does one exist at all)