Creating a child page with the parent set as the front page results in strange permalink

I’m not sure if this is a bug by the theme author but when I try to create a sub page (child page) with the front page as the parent, the resulting permalink includes the name of the template. This only happens when the parent of the page is set as the front page.

So for example, I have “Work” set as the front page. When I try to create a child page with “Work” as the parent, the permalink turns into this:

But even when I don’t specify a template, the template name still gets inserted into the permalink.

I would like it if the permalink became this:

I tried reaching out to the theme author but he is unresponsive. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Block any other domains from using my server

Seems someone has set their domain to use my server. It’s not a mirror, the database and everything works and updates with mine. He’s basically stealing my content, and he’s showing up on google instead of me.

Is there a way to make it so my server will only respond to requests from my domain?

I’m using WordPress with Apache2. Block IP with .htaccess not works

Updraft Backup is breaking my site and turning all URLs to 404 errors?

I was getting this weird error where all my pages would give 404, obviously a massive nightmare for SEO. I fixed it by disabling all plugins, then turned them back on and resetting permalinks by clicking save permalinks.

Then the error happened again

and again,

once everyday

Eventually i fixed it by disabling updraft backup and haven’t had problems for a while..

But why would updraft cause this error? what are some backup alternatives that wont’ break my site?

WordPress mariadb – should I use Aria table type?

I’ve been reading about the benefits of Aria table type in MariaDB (we use mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.5.60-MariaDB), which seem to be simple and fast, yet crash-proof, take on MyISAM. Which makes me wonder if I could change the table type on WordPress tables into Aria. Not much to find on Google or StackExchange about this idea. Has anyone done it?

Error Establishing Database Connection

Hi Well know issue across these pages. Nonetheless, here is a rather unusual version. All was working well. Double checked on two different platforms, smartphone and Desktop. Went on a walkabout… came back and had that error. No admin access, site down. Only sftp access and PHPmyadmin. Tried repairing DB to no avail as I get a message repair not supported. Optimizing not supported, etc. Followed all instructions I found here and even others. uploaded a new version of WordPress, nothing. It seems I have server access errors on certain lines of wp-db.php. Check these and they are just informative text properly isolated. Unless my editor gives the wrong lines. My Host is sluggish on reply and when they do is always a different person so they never really know what is what. Cleared local cache and cookies, deactivated any browser blockers and still. Professionally speaking I am not selling because my site is down. Logically thinking WP and the rest is a whole bunch of crap. Sorry for those who work hard, blindly in solving and keeping up WordPress. My biggest mistake ever. WP has been nothing but hassle. programmers create it around making large amounts of money selling editors, themes, plugins, etc. So it is rather convenient to have problems. Like illnesses. The pharma industry love us when we are ill. Thank you for your help Guys. Much appreciated.

Why would wp_schedule_single_event get delayed start?

I’m using wp_schedule_single_event to run a function in the background immediately when a logged in user visits the dashboard page. The problem I’m having is that the time between triggering and the function actually running varies between a few seconds and 5 minutes.

I’m debugging by emailing myself as soon as I call wp_schedule_single_event, and then in the function that is called. I know the event is scheduled immediately because I get the email quickly, _transient_doing_cron is created in the wp_options table, and the name of my action is added to cron in wp_options while it needs to be run.

My function runs fairly quickly and is done in less than 10 seconds. It’s as if wordpress is running other crons before it, but I’ve tested this multiple times only a few minutes apart, so I can’t always be getting an hourly cron that needs to be run. Can I prioritize my event to be run first? What else could be happening?