Recently-Introduced Fonts

Do you think the recently-introduced fonts will forever displace the traditional fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica?
I, personally; do not like the new fonts; and I hope the traditional fonts are around a while longer.
I really do hope that the traditional fonts will continue to be used in any capacity.

new product for prototyping. tell me your opinion

Easyframe is not just a commercial product that the team created for the sake of making money, but a really working tool that helps the Design Studio to show its clients prototypes literally while they are dating. Easyframe is designed to speed up and simplify the prototyping process as much as possible and not lose customers due to slowness or banal lack of time. now case uses 8 designers every day in the Studio, and the percentage of unsatisfied customers for 2 months has decreased by…

new product for prototyping. tell me your opinion

Need help for integrating inventory management system with auction sites

Hi guys..

I am currently required to develop an inventory management system for used cars that posts and retrieves data from single/multiple auction sites. The inventory management system should be standalone and it can integrate with the existing auction sites like eBay etc. or for demonstration purposes, can be shown on a separate new auction site. Can you guys please help me as to where to start with this and if there are any ready-made scripts available that suit this purpose? Please help

The polite request for feedback

Dear Users,

I hope all of you are doing well,

I would like to approach you with the polite request of sending me feedback about my web design portfolio. Would be extremely grateful for any advice regarding the already existing website. The goal is to maximize the UX performance and make the website pleasant for the users.

Thanks in advance

How in command “Reformat Code” of PhpStorm use only spaces?

In my vue page PhpStorm 2019.2.3 with eslint used
Running command "Reformat Code" I got error in my app:

./src/views/About.vue Module Error (from ./node_modules/eslint-loader/index.js): error: Mixed spaces and tabs (no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs) at src/views/About.vue:177:2: 
Code (markup):

Looks like this command use tab symbol for ident spaces and I did not find to to make that command "Reformat Code"
will use only spaces?
I found these

But I do not any option…

How in command "Reformat Code" of PhpStorm use only spaces?

What is the most efficient way to select element specific to the H1

Let's say I'm stupid, but I really want to know the most efficient way to select this specific element:

<a href="/" title=""><h1>MySite</h1></a>
Code (markup):

Here's what I've got from the internet and it's still not specific to the H1 tag:

 a[title] {     color: red; } a[title]:hover {     color: orange;     text-decoration: none; } 
Code (markup):

I want this element as a unique one and style it differently.

Thank for your help,

Large Memory Cache Issues

Hello linuxers,

I'm running a CentOS server (specs below) with 32 GB memory. My problem is 18.49 GB of the 32GB is used by cache. That seems to be a lot. Is that a good thing or cache is using too much? I'm running a cryptocurrency website. I cache a lot of stuff because I'm using API to pull cryptocurrency prices like the ones on this page:

Is cache keeping the site from running out of memory or it's using too much and I should…

Large Memory Cache Issues

Content wider than screen


Content wider than screen issue

I have run into this issue on the site:

Some web tools fail to show the overlapping content, but I have found that it is present when viewed on a Samsung Note 8 and S9.

Is anyone able to identify which element is causing the issue?

Thanks for any advice!

Custom image dimensions for each category

Hi everyone and happy new year 2020,

I need to set up different image dimensions for each category of a website.

For example,

To set these dimensions for Category 1:

Catalog Images = 240 x 320px
Single Product Image = 470 x 627px
Product thumbnails = 75 x 100px

And these dimensions for category 2:

Catalog Images = 245 x 245px
Single Product Image = 470 x 470px
Product thumbnails = 75 x 75px

I use woocommerce.
How to do this? Is there any code or filter to affect to that a named…

Custom image dimensions for each category

Favicon + icons?

If adding my website to my phones homepage as a shortcut then i want an Icon to be shown as in all the other apps(see: favicon/Icon) but now its just a printscreen of my website. How do i set an icon for this? I want it to work for both android and ISO