AppleScript get text from safari (unknown index)

How get I get the value of the class “value” in the following e.g

<div class="related-info-ind component" id="fsdfdsf-sdfsdf-sdfsfgge-wegdsf-gdssdgf" data-ok="0" data-neut="0" data-detected="0" data-value="0" data-total="0" style="">     <label class="count" style="display: block;">0</label> </div> <label class="count" style="display: block;">0</label> <label class="name">header_internatinal_language</label> <span class="value">RD-GS</span> 

I can get with this script, but the index is never the same and would return other value if not correct :

tell application "Safari"     set getMyValue to do JavaScript "document.getElementsByClassName('value')[24].innerHTML;" in tab 3 of window 1 end tell 

Why are certain sensitive words in rap songs on YouTube censored?

I just noticed it in one song, thought nothing of it, and then in another, it was really obvious as well.

For reference, in this one: E.g. the words nigga and dope are removed, leaving a weird pause there. Why is this, and is this a YouTube-only thing? Because on Spotify, the song is completely normal.

My theories:

  1. The interpreter uploads a censored version on youtube because otherwise it might get taken down
  2. Youtube automatically censors those words (i doubt that though)
  3. The interpreter uploads a censored version on youtube in order to avoid the video being labelled as 18+

Any thoughts?

After listening closely again, I think it might actually be 2. – the censoring makes little sense on some parts (even ass and shit are censored and the song sounds really stupid now)

How to understand macOS wireless diagnostics?

I run wireless diagnostics:

enter image description here

to see which channels are best for my WiFi. In log I see:

# --- Wireless Environment     2.4 GHz Networks            : 4     5 GHz Networks              : 3     Current Channel Networks    : 1     Recommended 2.4GHz Channels : [ 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 ] 11 1 4      Recommended 5GHz Channels   : [ 40 44 48 ] 36  

How can I interpret values in brackets and outside brackets? Which channel should I choose from recommended ones?

How to automate bulk upload on Hootsuite with images?

I want to do bulk posts with the csv uploader on Hoot Suite. However, there is no clear way to automate the image uploading for Instagram and Facebook. All of the examples I have found require the user to manually click and edit each post by selecting the photo from my local computer.

Is there a way to format the fields in the csv uploader to pull directly from a url? For example, if I post to imgur, could I use those image url paths in any of the fields?

Lynx Browser & HTTP Get Ignore Timeout Options

I’m working on my wifi-wand command line utility that manages wifi on the Mac (, and am trying to better understand how captive portals are managed in Mac OS. I want to implement a test for captive portal success that will fail quickly.

I read at x that one way to test that the portal access has succeeded is to test for the string “Success”:

/usr/local/bin/lynx --dump 

The problem is when I am connected to a wifi network with a portal, but have not yet gotten through the portal, lynx seems to ignore my timeout settings (as documented in man lynx):

/usr/local/bin/lynx --connect_timeout=3 --read_timeout=3  --dump 

I believe it’s not just lynx; in my Ruby code when I set an HTTP timeout (sending a GET to different URL’s), it seems to be ignored there too.

What’s going on and how can I fix it?

[Edit #1: I am aware that the current recommended URL to use for this test is]

[Edit #2: The timeout period is 60 seconds (the system default, I presume). I verified that the error raised by Ruby is a timeout error.]

Google Forms sending me duplicate email on automatical email

So, I’ve used this code, just reworked for my needs: Can Google Forms send emails automatically?

The problem I have is that the account that sends those emails also receives them. Is there a way to disable it? It’s supposed to be used as a confirmation for event participation for 150+ people, so I don’t want to flood my mailbox with thousands of those messages.

iPhone X won’t charge from 2017 MacBook Pro

A few days ago, my iPhone stopped charging from my laptop. I have tried some suggestions and contacted Apple support, but neither was helpful. My phone will charge if it is connected to anything else, just not the computer.

I have had both for a while now so neither is brand new. I know that the lightning cable is functional because my cooling pad, which is connected to it, works. I have tried a few different USB cables and they all seem to be recognized by the device (the USB accessory notification pops up on the lock screen when the device is restarted). However, no cable will charge the phone if power is coming from the computer.

This all began after an odd incident with my phone. While attempting to kill an app, the screen froze. I pushed the power button and tried to unlock my phone again, expecting that the problem would be solved. However, the phone was still locked to the same screen. I was unable to turn off the device so I just let the battery run. My music continued to play and notifications continued to show on the Lock screen and on the unlocked device. When it started back up, it worked fine. The next day, I plugged my phone into my laptop and the laptop experienced a kernel panic. Once the device restarted, my phone charged with the computer and everything was fine. The next day, however, this problem started. I don’t know if they’re connected, but it seems pretty strange as I’ve never had either of these problems before.

Luckily, my computer and phone are working fine now (as far as I know) outside of this error.

Does anyone have any ideas?