WordPress Child Theme Issue


I have created a child theme for my blog because I have been offered some advertising and need to hard code it. In truth should have done it before – but never mind.

Anyway the child theme is working except for one thing – the background image on my post. It is a blog about a football team and I have a faded image as a background. However I can't find where I added it to replicate in the child theme. It's not in the style sheet, I've checked (which is why I posted here) – but I can't…

WordPress Child Theme Issue

Design implementations with little to no JavaScript

As some of you may know I've been writing articles on Medium on a variety of topics. The past week or two I've had a running theme of "do ___ without JavaScript", and today I put up one that requires minimal scripting.

Just thought you folks might find these techniques handy.

Tabbed Interfaces Without JavaScript:

Modal Dialog Driven Websites Without JavaScript…

Design implementations with little to no JavaScript

Turning off browser autofill/autocomplete

I love how browsers can save form data to make filling in forms quicker & easier – and reduce the chance of typos.

However… I have an admin system where my admin users login and maintain a stack of data and I want to have my own autocomplete options and suppress the browser from suggesting the user's personal data.

Most of the "data entry" is done by people signing up and all the admins are doing is confirming and then generating content. When they do have to do "data entry" I want it…

Turning off browser autofill/autocomplete

Porting wordpress to html

I've got a website that I've got set up on wordpress currently for a customer, and I'm not really happy with the speed of the site.

I was able to get the wordpress site up, but my html skills are probably beginner to intermediate. I'm currently in a full stack html bootcamp, so that should help somewhat. As part of my learning, I figured I would try to recreate that website in HTML to see if it would be any faster. That's created some general design questions, though:

1) WordPress has a…

Porting wordpress to html

Missing out of my inbox who can go and somebody’s inbox and delete their stories still working on it

I was working on a story about Google Play services people say it's hacked or some type of bugs in it's really weird what's going on with it and now it's missing have they got this place too? I've been having privacy issues with my mobile devices to I've noticed some really strange things going on with your apps and I'm I don't know I think somebody should look into this that knows it has a little more skill at getting around within the walls. Please tell me what you find let's talk…

Missing out of my inbox who can go and somebody's inbox and delete their stories still working on it

Any idea how to keep this text static

Hi guys,

Do you have any idea how to keep the text above the textarea static when you resize the textarea. It expands by the size of the parent div. My intention is to keep everything centered.

The link: https://test-c3848.web.app/


 <div id=div1>     <div id=div2>         <p>Paste link in the textarea.</p>         <textarea type="text" id="txt"></textarea>     </div> </div> 
Code (markup):

The CSS:

 #div1 {min-height: 10em; position: relative} #div1 #div2 { margin:...
Code (markup):

Any idea how to keep this text static

Adding Ads Under Menu Items (WordPress Site)

Hi All
I hope this is the correct spot to get help for my issue.
I have a wordpress website, and want to add my google text ads directly under my Menu items.

I'm not the most experienced with wordpress theme customisation but am hoping someone can quickly explain where i need to modify my theme/css to insert some text adds.

Note, ads to appear directly under Menu Items (Home, Chilli Seeds, Chilli Readers Reports, etc)