Vlcty hub beta opinions!

Hello everyone! Thank your for taking time to read this!
I’m setting up a website and have it in I think like beta stage everything is there I feel but it needs polishing, I’m after your guys reviews! And honest opinions don’t worry I can take it haha! The website is planning to be a social hub for car lovers etc

I’d love to have like a feed setting like Twitter kind of thing and private messaging but I do t know how to do those, but we will get there!

I’m just feeding out opinions at…

Vlcty hub beta opinions!

In my layout 2 columns on small devices

Could you please look at design of

In my vue/cli 4 / Bootstrap 4.3 app I make listing of tasks in 1 column on small devices(ipad-s)
and 2 columns on big devices, like :

<div class="row " v-show="tasks.length && is_page_loaded"> <div v-for="(nextActiveTask, index) in tasks" :key="nextActiveTask.id" class="col-sm-12 col-md-6 p-2 m-0"> <task-list-item :currentLoggedUser="currentLoggedUser" :nextActiveTask="nextActiveTask" :index="index"...

In my layout 2 columns on small devices

How to use ClickerVolt WP Plugin for FB Ads


I am testing the ClickerVolt but it seems not work.

I have setup like this:

On Basic Settings: I put my safe link –> …Wikipedia.. Redirection mode: 302
On Redirect Rules: I put a rule , if URL does not contain "facebook" goes to my website

When I go to test into facebook developers tool , the site check my website , not the safe one

So how to make it work in order to go to the safe link?



Worst Site Speed – Woocommerce

Hi Guys,

Currently running an ecommerce website and my sites speed is only 3.6 based on Gmetrix. There is opportunity that needs to fix.

1. Add Expires headers
2. Make fewer HTTP requests

I already installed CDN (maxcdn), wprockets and imagify. My target speed is 1-2 seconds loading time, as i'm currently running PPC campaign. Pretty sure this will affect.

Hope you everyone can share their thoughts and experience.

Thank you!

CSS help

Hi Guys, i need some help.

How to move <div> element to left. Not really familiar of CSS.
Please see attached image.


@admin hope you'll consider this, there is no other way to illustrate to fix this problem. As I am not technically inclined in CSS.

Serving unique content to user with Geo Locaton

I hope this is in the right spot.

When it comes to changing website content based on visitor location, serving targeted ads and content…in theory, could this not be applied to single individuals online?

For instance, you normally use CNN. Say you wanted to serve a completely different reality to a handful of individuals without them recognizing the stories they're seeing don't completely match to the actual stories most people see…based on their exact location on the grid, down to the…

Serving unique content to user with Geo Locaton

Superfish CSS

I am having trouble getting the sub menus to drop down below the main navigation link. They all drop down under the Home link. This is a Drupal website and I am using the NavBar menu style.
So in the attached screenshot I am hovering over the Membership link but the drop down is under the Home link.
Here is a link to the site.

Any Google Sites Alternatives?

Is there any service out there similar to Google Sites? That lets you create the site and publish it free on their domain? I know wordpress does similar – but are there any other old or innovative platforms such as these that follow this concept? I would love to take advantage of any one that is legitimate of course and like I said, free. Thank you. They don't have to be pretty either. Just functional for what I need. Backlinks, content/site development, and promotion. (used to…

Any Google Sites Alternatives?