Schedule a reminder for Memorial Day every year

Memorial Day in the United States falls on the last Monday of May.

I figured I could just set a reminder for the last day of May every 12 months, but it doesn’t offer “last Monday of May” unless May has 5 Mondays.

This answer doesn’t work. I can’t set a recurring reminder in the past, because it instead says “recurring reminder created today” as if I created it at the next May, which doesn’t have five weeks, so it changes it to “fourth Monday in May” which is wrong, and after that, it doesn’t even show up for any subsequent fourth or last Monday’s in May for future years!

I also can’t select a future May to start the event, because there isn’t a May with 5 Mondays again until 2021, which means I would miss two years of reminders.

I thought as a workaround I would go ahead and create the reminder in 2021 to cover that and all subsequent years, and then manually create 2019 and 2020 reminders (although this is not an acceptable general solution, because of the arbitrary number of years ahead you have to go to get a month with 5 of whatever day of the week you are interested in), but when I did that, the reminder still only showed up for 2022 and no years after that!

Using FILTER or IMPORTRANGE to bring in and filter data from another spreadsheet with a keyword instead of exact match

I would like to use the importrange formula to import data from “spreadsheetA” that contains “keyword” in columnD.

I can get importrange to work but I cannot figure out how to filter it so it will only import if a keyword is found in column d.

13” MacBook Air 2011 stuck at blank gray screen, no boot option working

i have a MacBook Air 13″ A1369 stuck on a grey screen, when i startup i can hear the chime and the computer proceed to go to a blank gray screen immediately. The screen has no apple logo or loading bar.

What I tried as of now:

-Booting in recovery by holding CMD+R — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in single-user mode by holding CMD+S — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in verbose mode by holding CMD+V — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in safe mode by holding Shift — no effect, blank screen

-Booting in hardware diagnosis mode by holding D — no effect, blank screen

-Resetting PRAM by holding CMD+ALT+P+R — no effect, blank screen

-Resetting SMC by holding Shift+Alt+Control while pressing the power button, then pressing the power button alone — no effect, blank screen

-Choosing another booting drive or recovery partition by holding Alt — no effect, blank screen

Is there something else I could try to get past this gray screen?

Copy data generated by QUERY

I want to copy the values generated by a complex scripted query to another sheet, for users to work on without deleting the original query.

The query generates a variable range of data, depending on parameters passed, so I cannot hard code the range to copy. But it seems the problem is more complex than that…

Sample query and output

I tried to pick the range using GetDataRange(); that returns an error (TypeError: Cannot call method “getDataRange” of null.).

  // copy data to dashboard:   var dashTab = thisSht.getSheetByName("Dashboard");   dataTab.getDataRange().copyTo(dashTab.getRange('A5'), PASTE_VALUES, false); 

Checking that there is data there:

  var dataRange = dashTab.getRange('B6');   Logger.log(dataRange); 

shows an empty array [[]] in the log.

So how can I do this?

Enabling “Hardened Runtime” from outside of XCode

This question is prompted by the new Notarization requirements that Apple will enforce for Mac Apps distributed outside of the Mac App Store targetting Mojave (in the near future).

I maintain a suite of self-hosted, Developer ID Application certificate-signed apps, using a custom runtime (Excelsior JET for Mac Java JIT Compiler / Runtime); custom bash scripts (are used as part of the apps in the installation process and) automate the builds. Therefore, there are no XCode projects per-se involved in this process.

After consulting the developer docs, I wasn’t able to find a way to activate and customize this “hardened mode” (described here) by using any kind utilities from XCode, but from the CLI (instead of the IDE GUI). Is there any way to accomplish this?

iMac does not play any sound

Sounds on my iMac stopped playing, also it seems that I have a problem with iTunes and Voice Memos app, iTunes won’t start and shows an error message with code 9405, and Voice Memos simply crashes!

I have tried the following possible solutions with no luck:

  • I tried using headphone jack, USB and Bluetooth headphone and none of them worked.

  • I have rebooted my system many times.

  • I have double checked that my volume is up and the audio output is on right source.

  • I have made a new account and there I had the same problem.

  • I have killed coreaudiod process.

when my system is starting, the logging sound plays, so it is not a hardware problem. I can also play some noises in Audio MIDI Setup.

Whenever an error occurs, my screen flashes, I already verified that Universal Access » Hearing » Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs was unchecked, so it seems that my system knows that it can’t play any sounds and flashes instead.

How to select existing sheet to be populated by a Google form?

I have a team working in pan India with 6 Team leaders. I have created a Google form to collect the everyday status report. Now the question is:

How can I assign a particular sheet[already created in google spreadsheet with a team name] of google spreadsheet as a destination? If I go to response sheet option in google form, it is asking existing sheet ? or new sheet. If I give the option as existing sheet, it selects already existing sheet but, creates a new sheet in the existing sheet. I want to select my destination sheet. Any help?

for eg: Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 are existing sheets in google sheet book. I want to select sheet2 as a response destination sheet. Is it possible?