Replying to emails in Gmail results in my email address—not the recipient’s—being set in the “To:” address

In my Gmail I have a few different email addresses that I use. When I send or receive an email there is no problem.

However, if I reply to an email on these accounts, the To: field is populated with my address; the one where I received the email. Which results in replying to myself rather than back to the sender? Why would this happen.

My default address works without problem, it sends, it receives and replies work correctly.

However… all my POP3 receiving addresses/send mail as addresses, will send and receive no problem but when I click on reply it results in the email being addressed to the address that I received it on.

For example, mail arrives to, I then click on reply to reply to the person but it results in an email addressed to myself at

I have tried changing the accounts to ‘Not an alias.’ and back to ‘Treat as an alias.’ both result in no change to the behavior.

I have also tried on my phone, Chrome on my laptop, and Microsoft Edge on my laptop and all result in the same behaviour.

Anyone any ideas how I can fix this so that clicking reply it populates the reply field with the person’s email like email normally does?

High Sierra Installation error -3

My mac book pro 2010 started acting up last night. Wifi was slow and certain letters were not displayed properly. I restarted the computer and it failed to boot up again.

I took the drive from the bad computer and put it in a working mac book pro 2013. The computer had issues booting up initially. After restarting the NVRAM by holding command + option + p + r, I can now access the recovery screen. I tried selecting the start up disk. I get the following error message, “you cant change the startup disk to the selected disk running bless to place boot files failed”.

I tried to reinstall high sierra, but I get a error -3 error after restart. What should I try next to troubleshoot the issue?

Make Drive resources available to all users in organization

My company uses G Suite Basic. I have a handful of company resources that I’d like to make visible and available to everyone in the company via their Drive – things like employee handbook, benefits resources, etc.

So I’d like a new employee (a newly added G Suite user) to visit their Drive for the first time and have these documents already sitting there in their Drive waiting for them. This happened to me when I was an employee with a previous employer, and it was great, but I’ve been unable to figure it out with my own G Suite account.

Any help would be appreciated.

G-suite passwords not accepted on bulk upload

I get this back after a bulk upload of children users:


I used a random generator and pasted its VALUE into the password column, so instead of


being uploaded in the bulk .CSV I’m using GR5485 instead.

How come the password of GR5485 isn’t accepted??

How to copy all board task headers within column to clipboard in Trello?

I want to copy a single column of Trello cards to my clipboard (just the card titles).

If, for example, I have the following three columns:

TODO       DOING      DONE  Task3      Task2      Task1  Task4 

and I want to copy only the “TODO” column, so the output will be:

Task3 Task4 

Is this possible with some shortcut/action in Trello?

External Mic and Bluetooth Headphone with mic

No Audio output from Iphone 6 speakers when i plug in a External Mic(lavalier) into the Iphone’s headphone Jack. My iphone using the voice memos seems to receive the audio from the external mic but i dont hear audio from Iphone speakers when i replay that voice memo. why? ext.mic uses TRS jack

although connecting a bluetooth headset allows me to hear audio coming from external mic, it resulted in another problem, my bluetooth headset has a built in mic which caused the iphone to disconnect the external mic connected in the headphone jack and switch to the my bluetooth headphone mic and use that built in mic when i try to record in voice memo. how do u make my iphone 6 ignore my bluetooth headphones mic and use my external mic thats connected in the phones jack while both my bluetooth headphone with a mic and External mic in headphone are connected at the same time

by the way, my iphone 6 identify my external mic which plugged into the headphone jack as headphone rather than microphone which is confusing

How to enroll Macs on Profile Manager MDM using Terminal?

I’ve been tweaking the command profiles quite sometime now but the -password parameter doesn’t work. I’ve wanted to enroll machines using an MDM profile but it will require the user to input credentials via prompt which defeats our automation.

Additional: I can install Trust profiles from macOS server via terminal by simply executing `profiles -I -F but not the MDM.