How to do annotation/call out in CSS/HTML

I'm trying to figure out how to do something and I haven't seen any good examples. Within an article, there will be 3-5 key points (a sentence or two each). I want to call out those points as the reader is reading through the article. So, the points will probably look different than the rest of the article. I'm not quite sure how to make this look good using HTML/CSS. If you have seen an example on the web please post a link or if you know of a good way to do this please let me know….

How to do annotation/call out in CSS/HTML

Please, help me with this

Hello everyone,
I created a blog with blogger and used a theme from btemplates. The theme is good for me but I don't know how to add my social links to the social icons that are already on my theme.
Below is a screenshot of the code for editing my social links but I have tried but it didn't work.
Can anyone tell me the format I should use?
Thank You!

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Pictures Social Media

I have saved some exclusive pictures to my social media with watermarks on to prevent copyright. I have accidently over written the original versions on my PC. Does anyone know any alternative software to Photoshop as this is expensive now, in which i can try remove the watermark please?

Any help you can give i would be forever grateful for. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, hope you're having a nice day.

Site Development – Online Adventure Sports


I am starting up development of a website to promote and sell adventure sports related services. I have purchased a domain for it.

I have taken as a baseline for development of this site. I am new to website development and content management.

I seek advice on how to initiate development. I was initially of the opinion that a custom made site would do good considering the purpose at hand. But with so many different CMS available along with different E-commerce builders it…

Site Development – Online Adventure Sports

Looking for an assistant that understands basic server operations

Hi All,

I'm looking to hire an assistant on an hourly basic that understands the basics of windows or linux servers. Also someone who is willing to learn. This would involve:

  • writing or re-writing content I give you with direction
  • forum posting on forums I give you
  • Supporting live chat of my web hosting
  • Also fixing very basic server issues

I am posting here as this is the kind of crowd I'd like this person to be from.
Please PM me if you are interested and I will…

Looking for an assistant that understands basic server operations

HTML Issue with Twitter Card – What We are Missing


i added to our website code of open graph and twitter …… so if we share to social media then pictures, title, description etc are coming properly in Facebook, Linkedin but On twitter image is missing …. While image URL in code id perfect.

If i am using any tools like buffer then images are coming properly and sharing also to properly to twitter but when i am sharing from website then twitter is not showing image.

Code are as below

<meta name="twitter:card"...
Code (markup):

HTML Issue with Twitter Card – What We are Missing

Is this issue with my mobile or the mobile menu is not working

hello friends,

I have made a bootstrap template
but for some reasons when i open the wbesite on mobile the mobile menu and the preloader animation doesn't seem to work..although it works on several online browser testing website

when i open the website in my mobile ..i see this
golf tdi 0 60
and the a javascript doesn't work at all to close the menu

any help will…

Is this issue with my mobile or the mobile menu is not working

Blog Post Spams

Everyday I get between 30 to 40 spam replies on my blog post.

My setting does not allow the replies to be published unless I agree.

Is there away to stop getting so many spams or should I just not allow any post replies?