Is there any app/plugin to improve the speed of the Shopify Stores?

Hi All,

I am managing a new Shopify based e-commerce website with currently more than 20,000 products. The website has already started lagging as more and more products are being added on the websites. The website is getting slower with every passing day and images are one of the major reasons for the same. The images are already being optimized.
Is there any app or any plugin that can help to sort the problem?

So, it would be a great help if anyone can help me for the same. Here is the…

Is there any app/plugin to improve the speed of the Shopify Stores?

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Life is simple at time!

Dear All,
Let me introduce myself by saying that I have gone thru each and every pain in business and made every single mistakes that one can possible make. The most important part that I learnt in all these chaos is thinking simple!
I have spent almost 20 years online. Dating, looking for jobs, Banking, Business and all those things that makes me anyone in a million.
One of the most important thing that started disturbing me, during late 2013 that only companies who can fund for their…

Life is simple at time!

Namimg Methods – How to name method with complex execution sequence?

This question: contains many examples of suffixes and prefixes that can be used to come up with precise name for your class.

What about methods? For example, how to name a method that should execute some action upon validation of some state – ExecuteIfSomething, if we imagine that some transition in state should be executed after checking if something is true – ValidateTransition (kind of ok, but reading it makes me think that it should just validate something – not additionally execute some action), TranslateUponValidation?

It would be very useful to have list of common parts that can be added to action/topic/… to describe method.

Here are some that I can come up with at the moment:

  • Get
  • Set
  • Contains
  • Add
  • Remove
  • Push
  • Pop
  • Clear
  • Close
  • Lock
  • Open
  • Unlock
  • Enqueue
  • Dequeue
  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Translate
  • Move
  • Jump
  • Fill
  • Empty
  • Draw
  • Take
  • Give
  • Stash
  • Group
  • Shuffle
  • Mix
  • Sort
  • Merge
  • Inline
  • Validate
  • Check
  • Execute
  • Apply
  • Compose
  • Decompose
  • Decay
  • Break
  • Gather
  • Fuse
  • Grow
  • Rise
  • Drop
  • Fall
  • Pick
  • Select
  • Accept
  • Decline
  • Retire
  • Upgrade
  • Degrade
  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Stop
  • Continue
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Process
  • Advance
  • Create
  • Destroy

Maybe, I have put too many of them.

As you can see now – many if not almost all verbs can be used depending on the situation. Using them or finding the matching one shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is on how to combine them or use some of them to describe complex situations or complex executing sequence. The one I have described as an example is the most common one that I haven’t found a good solution for. Personally I am interested in this particular one. But having some way/approach (not a formula like Object + Action + …) to define/come up with method/function names can be very useful.

Main question here is how do you name a method as the one described in the example? It might seem to be a duplicate of this question – Meaningful concise method naming guidelines – I can clarify and update my question if that is going to be required.