addExpression combining CASE and CONCAT

I have a D8 query where i join several tables and use addexpression with CASE to make a new conditional field. So far so good. For one of the WHEN conditions I need to construct this field from two DB fields with a seperator between.

I have tried to use CONCAT in the CASE like this:

$  query->addExpression('             CASE s.SiteId              WHEN 1 THEN             WHEN 2 THEN CONCAT(cop.firstName, ' - '  ,cop.lastName)             END', 'name'); 

But that returns an error, it does not accept the CONCAT in that position. I have also tried to split it to two expressions like this:

$  query->addExpression("CONCAT(cop.firstName, ' - '  ,cop.lastName)", 'fullName'); $  query->addExpression('                 CASE s.SiteId                  WHEN 1 THEN                 WHEN 2 THEN s.fullName                 END', 'name'); 

Here the “fullname” field is created correctly, but I am not able to access it in the second addExpression (also tried without s.).

Anyone that knows how to use CONCAT or in another way combine the strings like this in the CASE ?

Are there common problems between rounting and mat-dialogs in Angular?

What I wanted to do was to open a mat-dialog by clicking on an icon. This mat-dialog is a split panel that has to the left side buttons that can be clicked and to the right side a content space where other components are supposed to be loaded on click on the specific button. Now, I followed the guidelines of the original documentation for routing on , but when I clicked the first icon to open the dialog, it’s style was changed and it didn’t open in form of a dialog anymore. Now I figured I could just keep the dialog style by changing the url within the method of calling the dialog like this

dialogRef.afterOpened().subscribe(result => {       this.router.navigate(['/dialog']);     });    dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(result => {      this.router.navigate(['']);     }); 

Like this the url changed with opening anf closing the dialog the way I wanted. But I’ve got another routing-module with another component, which is working perfectly fine, before opening the dialog,but does not work anymore afterwards. And now the loading of the component via routing and using <router-outlet> in the html tag does not work either. Now, my question is if there are some general problems with mat-dialog and routing that I might solve by using a different way? Is it necassary to code a custom dialog (not using mat-dialog)? I had everything working fine before with a service, though I thought changing the url and opening the components by navigation would be a lot less code and a nicer solution.

Hopefully, someone can explain this problem to me and what is actually happening. I might provide more general code, but like I said I pretty much followed the official documentation. Thanks in advance!

How do I make a Panel visibility rule work when the element to check for has to be empty or not set?

I end up with the visibility rule complete hiding the element that is supposed to show. E.g. I want to hide a “New custom content” when taxonomy term for the field “Alternatives” has not been set, is empty or – None -. From the gear icon I can now see that the visibility rule shows: Alternatives is set to “”

I would also like to learn how to do the same thing if a field (text field for example) is simply empty.

Cpanel emails not working

Here’s the problem: I want to use custom emails (on my domains) for my GSA campaigns. No catch-all, just simple, normal POP3 emails. So, I’ve added some in Cpanel but none seems to work. Auth failed is the message I get. Where did I go wrong? GSA is setup to check emails without proxies (private or public).
Can someone please help me?

Can’t log into router after firmware update

I have a Motorola WiFi Router setup at home MG7700. After the recent firmware update, I am facing some issues with logging into my WiFi router.

Whenever I try to log in to the cPanel of my router, it keeps me redirecting to a different IP address. Now, my WiFi router’s default address is but it doesn’t work.

I have tried to reset the WiFi router but it is still happening. What should I do?

Split cell content into multiple separate rows in Excel

Suppose in A1 cell I have some comma separated letters.

content(A1 cell) = A, W, L, F

I would like to the following result:

content(A2 cell) = A

content(A3 cell) = W

content(A4 cell) = L

content(A5 cell) = F

However if I type in A1 cell the following:

content(A1 cell) = S, E, U, F, H, R, T

I would like to be the result:

content(A2 cell) = S

content(A3 cell) = E

content(A4 cell) = U

content(A5 cell) = F

content(A6 cell) = H

content(A7 cell) = R

content(A8 cell) = T

Is there a function which will do this job? For example I would like to a function formula in B1 cell, which checks the content of A1 cell and its outputs will be the above results. Any help appreciated.

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