How to troubleshoot SER performance

Looking for advice on how to troubleshoot SER performance / LpM. We went from about 150 LpM to about 20 LpM and can’t figure out what has changed. 

There are 12 projects but only 2-3 active. I have around 4,500,000 urls in my identified site list. Proxies seem pretty solid and haven’t changed (I’ve also tried without for short bursts to just check). Internet connection is 100 megabits and I’ve played around with my DNS service just to be sure I’m not rate limited. Use x-evil on two other LAN pcs for captchas. PC is core i7 + 8gb ram.  

When I start SER it just moves slow. CPU is at 1-5%. Can’t figure out what bottleneck to look for!

For software programmers/script nerds


It’s been awhile since Ive used GSA but I have been getting back into learning more code so it interests me again.

I can’t seem to find really good updated info on custom scripting. Just a way to use API on GitHub and some very old Ozz posts.

I also see Serengines may have created a GUI to make scripting easier???

Was wondering if anywhere there maybe updated info for custom things like scripts using GSA?

Also moving forward what would be best languages to know for this?

I know little html, css, javascript,   very little python and selenium.

I guess Im wondering what would be best way to start coding scripts and possibly create a little addon for this software?

Any ideas or input thnks?


Anyone can provide me a word database to enter into the keyword text box in GSA SER please.

I have only less no of keywords so that I cant able to harvest the urls.

Is there a limit to total number of CAPTCHA tries? Is same proxy used for all tries?

I know some systems have a limit and will lock out a user after x CAPTCHA fails.
But…I also know that this might only affect things if one proxy is used for consecutive solve attempts on fails. Which way does SER handle consecutive solve attempts: same proxy or different?
AND, if same proxy is used, what’s the highest number of total tries suggested?  I have used various external solvers, and even the ones at the end of the list seem to get used, so it seems having a high number of tries does work.

Help needed: How to set up a campaign/project for non-English speaking regions properly?


I’ve been trying to to find my way around the Search Engine Ranker lately. I’m pretty sure that you can do some things wrong when you want to start a project for a language area outside of English.

Does anyone have experience with campaigns for other languages like German, French or Spanish. What to look for and what data to translate into the target language.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Getting nonstop unknown submission and uknown registration errors

About a month or two ago I was getting a very good VPM @ 35 and then all of a sudden my VPM dropped to 2-3 and I didn’t make any changes to cause it to happen.  When I check the log I am seeing nonstop unknown submission status and unknown verification status.  I am using private backconnect rotating proxies with a linklist from PSR.  I’ve been using GSA for many years and my setup is very good as well as my knowledge of the software.  I have tried resetting everything, new emails new content in campaigns and played around with the settings for past few weeks to see if something would fix it yet I am still experiencing these errors and they won’t go away no matter what I try.  @Sven can you see what is causing this and maybe provide me with a solution?