$150 Business Card Design Winner

Hi guysLooking for standard 2×3.5" sizing ready to send to printer. I am looking to design this card, the winner will be selected within 24 hrs. Compensation is $ 150. We need fully editable files, fonts included, .ai .psd etc.

The following will be changed after a winner is selected…


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Feel free to take whatever direction you'd like with this, I have NO preference and am looking for your creativity to shine through. Can be…

$ 150 Business Card Design Winner

How to Set up AdSense or Amazon Site & Profit from it

These thread was prompted by the incessant request of some members here who compelled me to shed light into how to make money from AdSense and Amazon/Affiliate Program.

I'm going to go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head. Here is the summarising and basics. If you are a beginner or haven't gotten it right in the Internet business realm then this is your chance.

Step 1: Niche or Product Finding: In AdSense you find niche while in Amazon and other affiliate program you find a…

How to Set up AdSense or Amazon Site & Profit from it

Is SEO Dead?

I'm working in the marketing industry for the past 8 years. I have worked with many agencies, and most of them usually suggest to use social media marketing and google ads, because those are low hanging fruit. If you want to position your website for keywords you need to work at least for 6 months to position it.

If you don't have enough knowledge, get SEO training before hiring an SEO agency. Training will give a fair understanding of SEO project timelines, budget & collaboration with…

Is SEO Dead?