How to recover the exchange server Database Fast and effortlessly

Whatever be the cause, Exchange database corruptions can lead to panic as they house all your organization’s information. This situation can become worse, if the Exchange server Database is not efficiently recovered sooner.
There can be many more situations which can make Exchange Database corrupted. Also there can be accidental deletion of mailboxes.

In any case, it is worth using EdbMails EDB to PST converter tool for recovering Exchange Database. It has many salient features….

How to recover the exchange server Database Fast and effortlessly

Pay per call traffic

I am looking for affiliates which can promote cost per call offers for various US verticals like Health Insurance, Auto Loans, Pest Control, Water Damage etc..

Please get in touch for details about the payouts.

Mobile Redirect Traffic

Mobile Inventory starting @ $ 1 cpm.

Target your traffic with enhanced and latest targeting options:-

  • Contextual Targeting – Target campaigns based on content and Keywords, this enhances your traffic quality and campaign performance.
  • Channel / Category Targeting – Target campaigns based on Traffic channels and categories, this ensures you reach more focused and selected audience.
  • Source id Tracking – Track source ID's for the traffic you receiving and…

Mobile Redirect Traffic

SSL for Google?


I have had an ecommerce site with an SSL certificate for many years because I have a shopping cart, etc.

However, I want to put up a new website that will not be an ecommerce site so should not need an SSL certificate from that perspective. But I have some vague awareness that Google will not show results for a website that does not offer SSL, whether or not it is an ecommerce site? I see most sites, these days, with https in the url and I assume that it is some form of SSL? Is it…

SSL for Google?


Why are you selling this site?

dont have time to write content and run facebook page over 6000 followers
How is it monetized?
adsense and affiliate links

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
yes youtube channel and facebook page with 6300 fans

How much time does this site take to run?

0$ it's a blogger spot
What challenges are there with running this site?

Buying Gambling

I need US gambling traffic. I have a gambling related website, I need 100,000 visitors a month, traffic divided in 30 days time span.

I'm also running a $ 200,000 promotion where if players come and sign up with a $ 50 minimum deposit they will get a chance to spin a wheel and get a free visa gift card up to $ 5,000. Players are guaranteed to get at least a $ 25 gift card with a deposit. Its basically free money with a deposit, NO ROLLOVER REQUIREMENT. No online casino is promoting such an…

Buying Gambling

File Hosting


Well I currently have hosting with but i have probably 500 programs that i put on my site that people can download. Those had to be deleted sometime ago.

I want to move to another hosting to cut down costs but it looks like most i would need dedicated server to have the ability to upload files for people to download.

I do this more as a hobby since i dont make money.

Does anyone know of a good solid file hosting operation i could use free or small payment so i can…

File Hosting