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Proxy problems on windows 10


I tried to find a solution but in vain.

I have recently changed my PC which is running on windows 10 (x64).

After installing GSA SER, I pasted 100 private proxies. While testing proxies, all proxies are not verified, i.e., all proxies failed. 

On the other hand, I am using the same proxies on a VPS running on windows server 16 with GSA SER and they are running fine.

Therefore looking for help to configure windows 10 so that proxies should be tested properly.


cannot select engines on left since update

since the recent update which i just updated to 14.75
i cannot select the engines on the left (when the engines are showing) & cannot right click on engines on left (i.e. to select just dofollow engines)
the engines on the left only show when you restart gsa ser, other wise there is just a blank space on the left where the engines should be, it says “where to submit 343” but below that just a blank space, this is just since the lest update

I could not get such links

I wanted to get links like this and could not
I tried it in every way for three years
But it failed
I know that GSA is a great program
But top marketers do not share their secrets
I read a lot of articles and watched a lot of courses, but it was useless

How can I best set up a quick project in GSA?

Hello, GSA peepz. Hope you are all having a great Summer! :pirate:
My question is: How can I quickly make a project?
In the past, it required writing descriptions (250,450) and all other fields. For some, also articles.
And then spinning them all.
I used the White Hat Box Spinner Chief spinning program, but it required a lot of checking by hand afterwards. This is all very time consuming.
How can I quickly set up a project?
I’d like to be able to set up Tier 2 or 3 that are not as important projects faster.

How to perfectly wipe a duplicated project (statistics & URLs & emails) in GSA SER ?

I wanted to duplicate an already used project and couldn’t find out how to clear everything in the new copy. To delete the URL cache, the URL history and the accounts is not enough. The statistics (Submitted/Verified) for example keep the data from the original project. I’m sure there is some more data kept in the background too. Who can help please?