Unset widget tab from media browser programmatically

Need to unset a widget tab from media browser based on the condition of media type supported by the field.

Media types: Image and Video.

For example, There is a field which references image media type only. When the media browser appears on the form, it displays create embed tab as well to embed the videos.

As the field doesn’t reference the video media type, need to unset the tab programmatically to help the content author.

I have tried the form alter, but I don’t get any information about the media type referenced by the field in the hook.

How can I rank my International Website?

I have few question regarding International SEO. I want to rank my websites(xyz.com) internationally.

In webmaster, We have set the geographical target to USA.Our website is now ranking on top 5 for a no of keywords in USA.

But we have realised that we are getting the traffic from other countries too – Uk,India,Austraila, Canada , fr,de. But our keywords are not ranking on top position

for all these countries.

I have a no of questions regarding this. I am looking for a perfect solution…

How can I rank my International Website?

Hide irrelevant decimal fractional part of numbers in spreadsheets

Is there any way to format numbers in 123/Excel-compatible spreadsheet applications, Google Spreadsheets in particular, in a way that hides the fractional part and the preceding decimal separator (i.e. dot or comma depending on locale) if it is zero (i.e. the number is an integer)?


  • 0.0 → 123.0
  • 0.# → 123. this is the closest I get
  • 0.? → 123.␠
  • 0_.0 → 123 0
  • 0_.# → 123 
  • 0_.? → 123 ␠


  • 0.0% → 123.0%
  • 0.#% → 123.%
  • 0.?% → 123. %
  • 0_.0% → 123 0%
  • 0_.#% → 123 %
  • 0_.?% → 123  %

I know that one can format positive, negative and zero-value numbers separately with semicolons: +0.0%;−0.0%;±0_?%

How to print the relative url or node id for each referenced node in twig?

I am using paragraphs to render a number of nodes on a page. The nodes are obtained through an entity reference field called ‘field_nodeslist’ in my cards paragraph type. The cards are then rendered using a custom view layout.

Here is a snippet of my view layout:

<a href="????">    <h3>{{ content.top_region|strip tags}}</h3>    <p>{{ content.middle_region }}</p> </a> 

The problem I am having is printing the relative path for each referenced node. I have tried the following twig commands but have not any success so far:

<a href="{{ url }}"> <a href="{{ uri }}"> <a href="{{ node.id }}"> <a href="{{ link }}"> <a href"{{ content.field.0['#url'] }}"> 

The following allows me to manually specify the node id in twig however that’s not what I am looking for:

<a href="{{ path('entity.node.canonical', {'node': 6 }) }}"> 

Any ideas?

Asking about GSA Setup and to get maximum result

I am running a single project on GSA ser with 30 dedicated private proxies, 1 catch-all email, gsa captcha breaker.
I am building 50 verified links per days.
Now getting 7-10 average LPM.
I have selected 20 search engines.

The warning that I am mostly getting are: “engine not matched”, “IP blocked by {this} search engine”.

Any tips on how to increase lmp, need more proxy or not, get more success with captcha, or it is just good going.