OneHourIndexing API is broken.. Yet again

I just noticed today that my GSA built over 70k links and onehourindexing is showing that 0 of them were sent to the indexer.  This API seems to be broken yet again and needs fixing.. Hopefully a permanent fix this time since every time their API breaks it means days where we can’t index any links, yet are being charged for their service still.

Even when I test the API it shows that it submitted them yet they do not show up in OHI’s side.

How to add custom video link?

Got some advice from sven on how to get embeds across properties that accept html and he said to “it should be added as a custom video link with full <iframe…> format per line.”

How do I add the ‘custom video link’?
Is this the main add url section at the top of the main project section?

update i think i may have figured it out…article manager, insert up to x number of random videos, edit to own urls and add embed there. preview looks good. testing a live run now

Anti-Captcha service doesn`t work in GSA SER

Hi there!

Can you help me please with captcha?

I used to use Anti-Captcha on my GSA SER and it worked fine. Then I decided to change it on Xevil and CapMonster (I`ve swiched off Anti-Captcha for those period). And now when I`d like to try one more time Anti-Captcha service – it can`t be connected with GSA.

My actions:
– tried to check the balance (it gives me an unknown reply)

– tried to test (it shows me missing data..)

Could you advice me something?

Thank you for your time.

Any possibility to evaluate / calculate the threads by usage of graphic card?

Would it be possible to employ the GFX card instead of CPU, for work with threads, like it would be when the video or anything that would require high power of processing can be used?
I just bought this one for video rendering: PNY NVIDIA Quadro P4000, 8GB GDDR5.

Thanks for your answer, eventually to add it to the wishlist.

HongKong SEO multiple IPS server in stock

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GSA SER not responding when testing Proxies

I have yesterday (20200106) registered and bought current version (14.24) of GSA SER. Because I yet need to more details for the Project, I just started with adding and testing proxies. No matter what was the threads value set to, it was still freezing. During the time of proxies scrapping and testing was not running any other application. In the Task Manager was shown, that the impact on the system is “Very High”. The Configuration of my system is as follows: Windows 10 PRO 1909 64-bit, AMD 3,9GHZ, 8GB DDR4, 2TB SSD, 500Mbps).
note: this was experienced even in older versions during summer (not sure what exactly was the version though).
Do you have any hint, how to prevent this? Thanks for your answers

SERENGINES + Xevil (recaptcha v2) module not working? anyone knows a fix?

i have never seen these weird parameters in Xevil before, I bought Serengines like 10 minutes ago, connected it and started the first project and now this happens. (the ones that are good, are actually from GSA SER regular projects, not SER-Engines) SERENGINES is the one creating these weird parameters.

Not only that, even the ones below with a status as OK ???? but had only 1 clicks and #0.0 
Basically it did nothing, but still states an OK message. 

I need this to work with Xevil recaptcha module, I dont wanna waste a single penny on 2captcha while I got a beast of a machine that can solve thousands of recaptchas without breaking a sweat.

So hopefully there’s a quick fix for this, i want to move forward, not backwards by buying a captcha service. 

How to combine GSA Content Generator + GSA SER

I want to correctly build links to my money website without a penalty from Google.
I realized that for this I should first place a link to a page from a web 2.0 resource, and then massively link to this page from other sources, the text on the web 2.0 page must be relevant to link that is placed on this page.
I want to use the GSA Content Generator for relevant text. How can I do it?
How post 1000 relevant to link pages automatically with GSA Content Generator???

I spent the whole day to solve this problem. I watched a lot of videos, I could not find an answer. Help me please