Smooth Transition to New E-mail Accounts

Hello, all. :) Sven, I was wondering if there might be a way to add functionality to the e-mails in GSASER, so that existing accounts can be set to use for email verification ONLY.
This way, if I’m planning to begin using a new set of e-mail catch-alls, whatever number of submitted links are out there waiting for e-mail verification can still verify, while just adding in the new e-mail accounts for the purpose of making new links.
I do realize I can just set projects to Verify and wait until the Submitted list is clear on all projects and THEN disable that email account I no longer wish to use, set up a few new ones, and start making new links again, but this might be a smoother transition with a way to limit an email to only be used for verification as links can still be made and nothing is lost.
PS Hope everyone is ok with this virus going on.

use recaptcha service on just first tier

sorry if the answer is already on here, but ive searched & did not find the answer, but how do you just select to use the recaptcha service (i.e. deathbycaptcha) on just the first (top) tier ?
ive looked in the “captcha” admin where you add the captcha service & there is nothing there.
i can only see it applies universally to everything.
i have gsa captcha breaker already – then first tier to go to deathbycaptcha
but i want lower tiers to be gsa captcha breaker only

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Bypass ip blocking

If our ip is displayed somewhere during the verification (real ip blocked), start again using a proxy. For verification i never use proxy (more faster) but from time to time it would be beneficial in this case

how to delete & block domain

i need to delete all urls from a domain & block the domain permanently.
it comes up thousands of times trying to submit to it. (all the different subdomains)
it has 61000 pages in it
the domain is
filetransit dot com
if you want to block it from yours
under options >filter
it says it has to be on one of the lists, not manually added
& under options>advanced>tools >remove from url list>clipboard
i did’nt know if this was the right option before i pressed the button ?

Email test failed


I just downloaded latest version from your website. While adding email accounts, it is constantly showing error, means test failed for both hotmail and gmail accounts. pop3 services are enabled in both accounts and both accounts are working fine in MS Outlook. Is there a bug in the new version? any suggestion to resolve?

Screenshot here:

Residential vs. Datacenter proxies. GSA Proxy Scraper.

It would be great if you could add a filter that would allow the separation or filtering of residential vs. datacenter proxies in GSA proxy scraper.  It would also be great if we could drill down on location a bit more.  I know country is a filter option now but if you could also offer city / state (for U.S) that would be very useful.  Are these requests something that could be added?