Need Programmer to add DB function to Bootstrap Template

I need functionality added to a bootstrap responsive template. The site needs to remain responsive mobile-friendly. Need DB structure added, admin functionality, and incorporate of DB to the website.

This link has the project requirements:

I'm also in a hurry to get this done. Please PM me with your bid and completion time.


Facebook does not display properly on my screen

I use Facebook in my chrome browser on my windows laptop and also use the Facebook App on my android tablet.
In both case the Facebook page does not display properly.
In the app, there is a column that overlays the the news feed and cuts off some of the text. screenshot from app.
View attachment 245468
View attachment 245468

In my chrome browser there is sometimes overlap too, but mostly it shows a narrow time line.
screenshot from browser View attachment 245469 …

Facebook does not display properly on my screen

established viral website need just lot of traffic

Why are you selling this site?
because im busy with

How is it monetized?

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
yes facebook page, twitter, pinterest, tumblr

How much time does this site take to run?
this run with an autobloging plugin you need just working on traffic

What challenges are there with running this site?
this site has a great passive income in future if you working hard on social media traffic.

Carousel Ads


How to post more than 10 Cards in Facebook Carousel Ads?
Facebook just allow me to make up to 10 cards maximun per ad! … but I already saw another online stores carousel ads in Facebook with Endless… tons… much more than 10 cards per Carousel !!!

How it is possible? How can i do this?

Thank you