Visa rejection, Need sponsorship )Singapore)

my husband visited Singapore on a tourist visa so many times in the last two-three years before 2018. last time he visited on 25th February 2018, but due to some urgency, he had to come back to India on 3rd March so he came back to india and on 16th march he again went to Singapore but at the airport the ICA refused to give him entry that time and the authority officers took him in a room and they said he has to sit there for two-three hours then after 2-3 hours the ICA officers came and said you need a local sponsor whenever you come back, they only said this and without disclosing any other reason they sent him back to India. he did not get any stamp (ban stamp etc) on his passport. now after one year he got a local sponsor (his friend) and he applied for his visa on 16-17th march 2019 but his visa got rejected by asked some queries by ICA. then he fulfills the requirements asked by ICA and he sent everything by email as per ICA inquiry but his application again got rejected after 1 week. now I want to know what is the reason behind this? is he got blacklisted or any other reason? ICA did not give him any stamp any ban stamp etc and they did not disclose any reason why they refused him to enter in Singapore. please tell me how we can get rid of this problem? please reply as soon as possible THANKS.

What does the “ Guarantee” cover? sells different kinds of connecting flights:

  1. “Connection protected by the carrier”

    • These are the same as on any online travel agency: they include the usual support of the airline as defined in the contract of carriage.
  2. “Connection protected by the Guarantee”

    • Unique connections combining multiple separate (budget) airline tickets. These are not protected by the airline so they cover them with the “ Guarantee.”

There are some enticingly cheap tickets using the later. I can live without in person service, worrying about bags, transit visas and check-in twice. I want to understand any additional risk of these tickets to decided if the savings is worth it, and to help choose between them.

The explanation of this guarantee isn’t highly detailed.

  • I see they may opt to give me a refund instead of doing a more expensive rebooking if changes happen more that 48h before departure.
  • How much does this guarantee cover when delays or cancellations occur less the 48h of departure?
  • How will Force Majeure situations differ vs. a standard ticket?

Dubai antimalarial

yesterday I got antimalarial tablets Atovaquon proguanil at the travel clinic he told me I wouldn’t need a prescription for this the thing is my flight is in Dubai will it be okay if I can put them in my hand luggage I’m getting paranoid

Bounce related confusion ?

Hello Experts,

I have one confusion related to bounce rate.

I have seen 29 page views from one sessions as in picture above. Unique page views is 18 in this pic and entrance is one. So why it’s calculating 100% bounce rate?

When a session has 29 page views with 18 unique page views then how It could calculate under bounce rate 100% ?

Kindly elaborate ?

Leaving an Inn without paying for room

What are the laws in California if someone runs up a bill to the tune of $ 600.12 at a 4star Luxury Inn. Staff notified guests that their credit card was declining and needed them to come down to the lobby asap…but instead the guests took everything from the minibar in their room and snuck out. Now they refuse to answer any phone calls or emails the staff has made since this incident.