Do the Israeli consulates give visa on a separate piece of paper instead of on the passport?

I am a Bangladeshi citizen studying in Columbia University. I wanted to go to Israel for a trip this winter. But Bangladesh still does not recognize Israel as a state and the front page of the passport states that This passport is valid for all the countries in the world except Israel.

I applied for a visa in the Israeli consulate here in NYC. I have just received the confirmation of visa from the Israeli consulate in NYC. I have heard that Israel do not give the visa on the passport. Instead they paste it on a separate piece of paper, and make like a travel permit and they also do not stamp the passport/or any ID during immigration. Is that true? And would I get in trouble entering Bangladesh if I do get a visa on my passport?

I do not have any other passport/nationalities.

How can I know (without going to the station) if RTAP is offering the Anti Pollution tickets?

The Paris public transit system (RTAP) offers a reduced fare on days of high pollution, as described here: (Google Translated).

This fare is a very good deal, especially as a tourist!

It has been offered so far every day that I have been visiting, but I only know that because I have been to the train station and seen it advertised. Is there a website where I can look to see whether a particular day is an anti pollution day?

If economy class lavatories are too busy or filthy, can you use business class lavatories?

My grandma was in economy class on a full Air Canada flight. The bathrooms were, unusually, very occupied, and were accompanied by long lines and passengers waiting. They soon became filthy; she saw egesta on the floor and toilet in some of them. She asked the cabin crew if the bathrooms would be cleaned, but they just put paper towels to hide the egesta without cleaning.

So without asking first or explicit permission, she walked up to use the business class lavatory, where the Service Director chided her:

Madam, use the lavatories in Economy. Please refrain from using the lavatories up here.

My grandma apologized, and tried to explain the long waits and the filthiness, but he still chided her the second time:

I already told you not to use this class’s lavatory.

In such unusual cases of filthiness and unavailability, can economy-class passengers use business-class toilets?

I ask this for reputable airlines in general. American Airlines permits this gambit, but other airlines’ stance is unclear. If Air Canada loathed this, why’d they compensate this grandma?