MediaWiki Template error Lua 126 [closed]

I am getting an error: Lua 126, even after editing multiple permission settings that wasn’t suggested by the software itself. It looks like you have cracked it. I’ve pretty much tried everything and it has changed since this was posted. I am just trying to use the {{Age}} Template its installed but doesn’t display data. it just has 126 which i have figured is a lack of permissions. Maybe there is an alternative i don’t want to have to manual update ::ages}}

Hope someone can shed some light on the situation.

Google has deindexed portions of our page after content copied

This year our website featured in a number of top design articles and has been subsequently copied extensively. Now, Google appears to have deindexed portions of our home page (and maybe other content) which is causing concern for our SEO rankings and CTR.

Furthermore, it no longer reads key portions of the page to present in SERP, instead converting our navigation to text. The results, as you can imagine, are very poor (refer image).

enter image description here

We’re a Christian organisation and are not interested in pursuing copyright infringements.

What can be done about this?

SEO effects of redirecting from top level country domain to subdirectories on gLTD

I am developing a website which has 6-7 translations, the client owns the top level domain (.fr, .de, etc.) and wants to use these domains to direct users to the gTLD subfolder. I will be using Hreflang tags on the pages, but am wondering if there will be negative consequences from the redirects?

Correct value for ItemAvailability in structured data vs. google shopping feed

I’ve been working on implementing a data feed for Google merchant center and after submitting it for the first time I noticed that Google’s automatic update changed some of our items’ availability from out of stock to in stock with this message:

Your product’s availability status was automatically updated to match the data on your landing page.

A help article ( explains that this is likely to occur due to a discrepancy between the data provided in the feed and structured data shown on the product page itself. It goes on to say:

Check your product data for those products (using the item ID), and make sure that each item has the same values for availability as is represented on your own site and in its structured data.

There is a problem here though since we use OnlineOnly in our structured data and this option is not valid in the merchant center feed. My best guess is that Google classifies OnlineOnly the same as in stock.

The items in question are items that we don’t keep physical stock of, but like many online retailers these items are available directly from the supplier and fulfilled for orders as they are placed. We don’t want to falsely claim that they are in stock, so originally OnlineOnly seemed like the best option for our structured data.

At this point I’m left with a few options that I can think of to resolve this:

  • Change both values to out of stock
  • Change both values to in stock
  • Allow the discrepancy stand and let Google do as they see fit

Can anyone advise what is the most correct value for availability on both the feed and our structured data in this situation?

Foreign domain points to server and sends spam

I do have a really weird one. I am running a webhosting server that is being blocked by certain providers that use Cloudmark. I contacted the customer support and they got back with an email header that is unfortunately sending spam.

Received: from sub.domain.example ([ servers ip)]) Subject: sven.n.nilsson,=?utf-8?q?=62=65=6b=72=c3=a4=66=74=61=20=64=69=74=74=20=64=65=6c=74=61=67=61=6e=64=65=2e=2e=21=21=21?= From: =?utf-8?q?=53=77=65=64=69=73=68=20=6d=65=74=68=6f=64?=  <> 

The header states, that the mail came from my server. But how is that possible, I do have a closed relay and there is no mailbox for that domain. Furthermore, the domain is pointing to my servers’ IP. How can I prevent it from faking email headers and pointing to my servers’ IP?

How to make office network printers work at all times [closed]

I have 20 computers hooked up by Ethernet to our router, and 2 printers. All wired. I install the official hp printer software/drivers and everything works.

Now throughout the day, different days, someone can’t print… I check their print queue, it’s just sitting there, often multiple items since they tried to print multiple times because the first attempt did not work.

This is happening constantly, almost every day at least 1 person has issues and I need to restart the print spool, the printer itself, or restart their PC for it to work.

Why am I ranking on last page in SERP for every keyword? [closed]

I couldn’t find this question anywhere. Everyone is talking about ranking and how to rank on top in SERPs. I used to rank on top 2 or 3 pages a lot but Now I don’t rank anymore. My content is authoritative and the site is also well optimized. Any suggestions?


Keyboard- Vivo y5s full specification, Location – India

How to create a product customiser? [on hold]

So I’m looking at doing a project to practice and I thought I’d try my hand at building an interactive product customiser, not WordPress or anything. Just to see if I can build this to run in a browser.

The part I’m fuzzy on is how to setup the interactivity.

Could someone point me in the direction of any courses or tutorials that could help me.