A logical usage of heading tags and SEO

I have a dynamic school website (feed from a database), and I have it structured with different sections, for example.

  • Sports
  • Academic life
  • Our students

At first sight, it is pretty obvious that I could name the “Sports” section with a good nice h1 tag with the word “Sports”.

But as it is feed by articles by ID, something like articles.php?=134 (don’t worry about the rewrite mode for now) the same Heading 1 tag repeats over and over, and I could get penalized.

Now it is more obvious to use the actual title of the article as h1, for example, “Team 1 won over Team 2 on the summer event”

But now I have a new problem. The word “sports” is not used anymore, and this is a waste because we have several articles about sports. I want to use the word Sports, like the “good old paper newspapers” used to identify the sections.

enter image description here

What would be good practice for headings like this, considering SEO and actually identifying the section? A simple meaningless div, just for aesthetic purposes? A lower ranking heading? Stick to an h1 tag?

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Setting NS for Subdomain to Another Hosted Zone with Same Apex Domain

Suppose I own example.com.

I delegate the subdomain www.example.com to a particular set of NS that is say a Route53 Hosted Zone. The rest of the example.com zone is not on R53 and contains important information for other subdomain/records. You can consider this Zone 1, and you can consider the new R53 Hosted Zone as Zone 2.

I want to have www.example.com CNAMEd to a particular endpoint, say a cloudfront distribution. Since I can’t CNAME the apex domain, instead hosted zone 2 is created in R53 with the original apex domain: example.com. Then, inside that hosted zone, there is a record for the subdomain www.example.com with the CNAME to xxx.cloudfront.net.

I can’t directly configure www.example.com with the CNAME in hosted zone 1 for various reasons, including that the CNAME is always changing and the person controlling the CNAME only has control over zone 2.

So the full chain looks like this: User types in www.example.com, they get NS hosted 1 records. In that zone, the record for www.example.com points to Hosted zone 2 records. In this zone (which was created with apex example.com) the record for www.example.com is a CNAME to the proper endpoint.

My question: will any DNS resolvers mistakenly cache the NS from the second zone as apex domain records? Obviously, I want those NS accessed only for the www.example.com records. If example.com NS records are mistakenly thought of as in hosted zone 2, there can be a lot of issues.

If this is the case, is there any way to make sure to DNS resolvers that the apex domain nameservers are zone 1, and zone 2 records are ONLY for www.example.com, even though they were created with the example.com apex domain?

I understand that there are other ways to do this (CNAME to separate domain, etc) but for logistical purposes (for now) I am only interested in setting the NS directly for the www subdomain.

Angular SEO friendly product detail page URL

Hello folks currently I am searching for best SEO friendly URL for product detail page for our live site Right-on EC

where currently we use the following pattern for product detail page it seems not SEO & user-friendly.

there are Domain / product id need to change with SEO friendly please suggest me best URL pattern I am thinking following are some: Conditions

  1. site is in japanese.
  2. product name is in japanese
  3. periodically product name changes (if any offer or sale set on the product then that product name is prefixed with that sale or offer name once sale gone name is excluded with that sale prefix name)
  4. high priorities is URL with Japanese name if it is best for the user and good with seo then otherwise ok with English in last conditions.

Possible URL

Domain / product / product name (without sale name of product) Domain / product / product-sale / product name  (with sale name of product) Domain / product / brand / product name  (without sale name of product) Domain / product / brand / product-sale / product name (with sale name of product) 

or other then please suggest me the best SEO friendly

*Note: Used Angular framework.

How to determine Sender Score IP to look up if straight query fails?

I’m checking up on my email set-up and came across Sender Score as part of my research and tests.

We are sending email through Outlook’s mail server. Our original mailfrom domain is fieldworkhub.com. If I put that into Sender Score, I get “no data available”.

The DKIM records are validated from Fieldworkhub.onmicrosoft.com. That domain again doesn’t have any data. However, it shows around 300 related sending domains, like ACTStoma.onmicrosoft.com which do give you a sender score for some IPs if queried. Why does this not work for our domain? Are we not sending enough emails?

From the email headers, I can find that client-ip= Is that the correct IP to put into the query field? Is there another way to discover sending IPs that doesn’t require looking up email headers? For example, checking SPF records? If so, how do I do it?

Seperate Google Analytics Properties On Subdomains

I’ve created three websites on one root domain and two subdomains. In Google Analytics I’ve created three properties and each website has a different Google code snippet.

Do I need to make any configuration changes to the Google Analytics properties for this to work properly? Is there a reporting issue when visitors go between these sites?


Changed DNS and site broke [closed]

Yesterday, I was adding some DNS records to connect Mailchimp, when I tried to add one of the necessarily CNAME records, it said it already existed, so I couldn’t add another one. Then I deleted one of the CNAME records, so I could add it but my site got really slow after that. I tried reading it but it didn’t work. Today it can’t even connect. The CNAME record was (Not entirely sure) like this:

www.healthprovement.com   -  14400 - IN - CNAME  -  healthprovement.com 

I think it has something to do with the deletion, I checked my host, Hostgator, and the server wasn’t down so my site should work.

Btw, Mailchimp can’t verify my domain although I’ve added the A and CNAME records, maybe someone knows why?

enter image description here

Improve SEO by forcing web crawlers to read csv file searching for keywords

I am trying to improve the seo of my website and I recently used an online seo tester for my first custom-coded website.

I am trying to improve the number of unique keywords and textual content crawled and I’m hoping to use the .csv file I created for the plotly.js sunburst. I followed this example https://plot.ly/javascript/sunburst-charts/#large-number-of-slices.

Right now I think the best way is to allow access to the .csv would be using the robots.txt file but I have not been able to confirm that approach will help. I’m new to the web development world so I apologize if the question is primitive. Any help is appreciated.

Canonicals for Desktop & Mobile

Working on a large scale eCommerce site (15,000+ products), with separate URLs for Mobile & Desktop.

On desktop product pages, we have canonicals set up for color variations, so /product/green/, /product/red/, /product/blue/ are all canonicalized to /product/white/.

At the same time, we have rel=alternate on every desktop page to indicate the mobile version.

My question is, how should I handle mobile canonicals for color variations (canonicalized on desktop)? Does the following example scenario represent a problem for indexation?

On desktop (https://www.mywebsite.com/product/blue/)

<link rel="canonical" href="https://www.mywebsite.com/product/white/" /><link rel="alternate" media="only screen and (max-width: 640px)" href="https://www.mywebsite.com/mobile/product/blue/" />

On mobile (https://www.mywebsite.com/mobile/product/blue/)

<link rel="canonical" href="https://www.mywebsite.com/product/blue/" />

Is it a problem that the mobile URL is canonicalized to a URL that is not a true canonical? Should it point to https://www.mywebsite.com/product/white/ instead?

Responsive website coming soon, but until then…stuck with these 2 sites