Disable smooth scrolling in Android Chrome 73

Is there a way to disable smooth scrolling in Android Chrome 73.X? It seems like it’s now enabled for all sites by default, and setting it to “Disabled” in chrome://flags does nothing.

Motivation: The smooth scrolling behavior makes Ctrl+F-ing through long pages pretty painful (a couple seconds of pointless animation between each result).

Appealing a denied “changed content” google search removal

Using the Google Search Console “Removed Outdated Content”: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals

I requested the removal or re-indexing of my profile pages on two 3rd-party sites, that I had just removed my actual name from, that were both denied (the request’s goal was such that they wouldn’t return in search results for me or contain my removed name in snippets or url).

When searching for my name: “John Doe” on google.com, for site1 (made request twice, second was more explanatory but still denied):

site1 (unchanged public profile address): site1.com/people/username1 site1 (former page title): John Doe on Site 1 site1 (current page title): J D on Site 1 site1 (words in page removed): "John Doe" (now appears as "J D" on site) 

For site2, the words “John Doe” do not appear in the page, rather in the url (request also denied):

site2 (former address): site2.com/profiles/john-doe.html site2 (current address): site2.com/profiles/user-name-other.html site2 (page title unchanged): User Name Other's page 

However, for this second site, entering any non-existent username forwards to a general directory rather than a 404 or other sort of error, for example, going to:

site2.com/profiles/non-existent-username-url.html (or) site2.com/profiles/john-doe.html 

forwards to:


As of my last attempt, both of these removal/reindex requests were denied, such that searching for my name (ex: “John Doe”) will still return both of these in the search results, seemingly un-reindexed:

site 1 still contains John Doe in its title in the snippet even though, it has now been changed to initials J D in the title, and

The site 2 snippet still contains my name as part of the url (“john-doe.html”), even though that also has been changed, and as for any non existent username forwards to the directory (rather than my profile) as mentioned (so from google’s perspective, the page still “exists” and does not return an error).

How do I filter elements from a Share Point list by category in Java Script

I have a created an accordion that has 7 different categories (Auto, Entertainment, Health and Beauty, etc). The content of each category lives in a SP2013 List; each list item was given the respective category (Auto, Entertainment, Health and Beauty, etc). The main idea is to filter that content by category and inject the item into its respective category enter image description here

This is a piece of the HTML code:

<div id="entertainment" class="accordion-content list-reset leading-normal px-8 py-4 hidden"> <!--Entertainment Content Injected--> </div> 

This is the JS code I have developed so far

$  (document).ready(function () {   $  .ajax({     url: "http://bc-net/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('specialDiscounts')/items",     method: 'GET',     headers: {       'Accept': 'application/json; odata=verbose'     },     success: function (data) {       var items = data.d.results       console.log(items)        var categories = [];        const auto = document.getElementById('automotive');        const entertainment = document.getElementById('entertainment');        const healthBeauty = document.getElementById('healthBeauty');        for (var j = 0; j < items.length; j++) {          var categoriesFromSharePoint = items[j].Category;         console.log(categoriesFromSharePoint);         categories.push(categoriesFromSharePoint);        }       categories.forEach(function (categoryName) {          if (categoryName === 'Automotive') {                 var paragraph = document.createElement("p");                 paragraph.innerText = items[j].Title;                 auto.appendChild(paragraph);           } if (categoryName === 'Entertainment') {                  var paragraph = document.createElement("p");                 paragraph.innerText = items[j].Title;                 entertainment.appendChild(paragraph);                  } if (categoryName === 'Health and Beauty') {                  var paragraph = document.createElement("p");                 paragraph.innerHTML = "Health";                 healthBeauty.appendChild(paragraph);                 }       })        },     error: function (data) {       alert('Error: ' + data)     }   }) // End Service Icons  //End Service Icons }) // End ready function 

The above code gives me undefined when trying to acces the Title property from the item.

Cannot remove InfoPath form form central admin

I have an Admin Approved InfoPath form deployed as a feature on SharePoint 2010 farm. After deployment i can see the form in Manage Form Templates and i activated to a site collection. I wanted to make changes to the form and tried to upload the new form to the CA. I cannot remove/update the form even after deactivating the feature.
When I try to upload the updated form it says
Form with the same identity urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:formname is already deployed on this farm..
If I try to upload the form with upgrade option(replace if existing) it says –
The following form template cannot be upgraded because it is not currently uploaded on this farm: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:formname
If i try to remove it says –
This form template was deployed as part of the feature. This form template should be removed only by uninstalling that feature.

Payments on Google PLay not showing up on other devices

To start off let me list my devices: – Samsung Galaxy S5 – Used to purchase the game – Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10 – Google Play sideloaded – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – PC/Laptop

About 24 hours ago I purchased Stardew Valley from the Google Play Store on my Galaxy S5, I installed the game and it can find on the S5, if I go to play.google.com on my PC and look at Stardew Valley, it shows up as purchased. But on both my Galaxy Tab and Fire Tablet it shows as not purchased. If I click on buy it takes me all the way up to the verification procedure where I stopped because I don’t the way to buy it a second time. Is there a reason it won’t show up on my other devices? A restart doesn’t fix it. Do I just need to give it more time?

Formula to get Current date when a change is made

I have a simple SharePoint item list . Consider this specific spreadsheet for an example, but I need an general solution to work as a Excel formula.

A1: contains a date. B1:Status contains a status Available/unavailable/. C1:LastAvailable date has nothing and should get result. When a change is made to B1, I want to get notified about it and the resulting formula’s update in C1 with the date of update.

I tried multiple methods to work, but this is working in Excel with the helop of MAcro and functions such as TODAY() and NOW(). I am unable to accomplish this on Sharepoint.

IF(B:B="Available",TEXT(NOW(),"dd/mm/yyyy  hh:mm"),IF(ISBLANK(Status),"","NULL")) 

Above is the formula which I used to get the state change from unavailable to Available . Similarly below one for vice versa

=IF(B:B="Assigned",TEXT(NOW(),"dd/mm/yyyy  hh:mm"),IF(ISBLANK(Status),"","NULL")) 

Note: I dont have access to Sharepoint server, Unable to use Sharepoint designer.

Forgot password on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – how to reset?

I’ve lost my password on my almost new Samsung Galaxy S4. Now I can’t unlock the tablet, and I can’t shut it down since all these actions require the password. The only thing I can do is restarting it.

Now I want to reset it to factory settings, so I can set a new password. However, all the guides to a hard reset say you have to turn it off first. This I cannot do since it requires the password.

How can I reset or shut down the tablet without a password?