I made a new site, what should I do to remove the old site from Google search result and put the new one in?

I have very limited knowledge about SEO. The problem I am facing is that after my new website built with wordpress went live, when I search for my website’s name, my old website that was built with Wix still appears as the first results, while my new website is not even in the first page.

What is the best practice to promote the new website? Please note that my old site has been around for a long time. Instead of simply shut down the old website and start a new SEO campaign for the new website, is there a way to have my new website inherit the reputation the old one already has with Google.

For goal funnels in Google Analytics with a destination URL, does the first step have to occur before the destination step?

Setup: I want to make a simple goal funnel where I want my website’s landing page to be the required first step and I want page X to be the destination URL. I want to measure how many people visit the landing page before visiting page X.

If a visitor first visits page X and then later on visits the website’s landing page in the same session, will Google Analytics consider this a goal conversion even though the user didn’t "funnel" in from the landing page to the goal page?

https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2976313?hl=en indicates that the order of the sequence of pages doesn’t matter but it doesn’t speak on the order of the pages if the page in question is a required entry point to the funnel. Would love some thoughts on this, thanks!

Seeking free hosting for my own domain – website and email

The title says it all. I am asking for a friend who has has own domain and currently hosts with GoDaddy. Given that GoDaddy’s CEO thinks that killing elephants is a good thing, he is seeking a free alternative.

He has at most 10 statistic HMTL pages, but maybe 50 quite hi-res photos. He has no need for a database, but does want email using his existing domain.

Can he get it for free? (I will explain the trade-offs, in terms of speed & up-time versus paying for it, but, for now, the request is for something free).

Two weeks after transfer, domains still has no nameservers

I recently transferred two of my domains from Google Domains to Njalla. I was sent auth codes for both of them and I entered them in the Njalla dashboard within five minutes, and I thought everything was fine. Within an hour, they showed up in Njalla as "transfer completed", but they still used the Google Domains nameservers. About a day after that, DNS lookups on the domains showed that they have no nameservers at all, and they have stayed that way since. This was 13 days ago. Njalla support also says that the transfers are complete, but they don’t know when the DNS will update. Is the DNS update time supposed to lag behind the domain transfer time by this much?

How to see individual events in GA4 reporting (or universal if I can’t do it in ga4)

I have a conversion event in GA4 called "outgoing clicks" to track outgoing clicks. By clicking on "engagement->conversions" I can see that the event is working and I can group them by source or by some other method. What I can’t do is just see the events as rows. What I want is just to see essentially a flat table where each event is a row that looks like this:

event_action  event_category  event_label timestamp {action}  {category} {label} 7/27/2021 10:34:33 {action}  {category} {label} 7/27/2021 10:35:00 {action}  {category} {label} 7/27/2021 10:36:11 {action}  {category} {label} 7/27/2021 10:37:55 {action}  {category} {label} 7/27/2021 10:38:44 

What’s the best way to do this? Why is this so hard? It’d seem like the most common use case for this data would be to want to see them as rows.

When my Google search lists landing page, the Title and link is for Home page

I’ve created 2 landing pages with target keywords web design eg web design strathfield. I entered the meta tags using Yoast plugin and I’ve checked the HTML and the title and description tags are correct. Landing pages are optimised.

But when I enter to google the search term web design strathfield it lists in the serp an entry with the Home page title and Description and the link is to the Home page.

The site: command lists the landing page. I’ve reindexed with the Console.

Can you help with why is Google listing the Home page in serp instead of the landing page?

Why does CNAME Cloaking enable cross domain tracking?

Recently, as browsers start blocking 3rd party cookies, a risky technique known as CNAME Cloaking emerged. It is said that this technique enables trackers, especially those in the online advertising industry, to continue to track users across domains and across the web.

From https://medium.com/nextdns/cname-cloaking-the-dangerous-disguise-of-third-party-trackers-195205dc522a:

Let’s assume you visited website1.com that includes a third-party tracker from Tracking Company, then website2.com that also includes that tracker. Tracking Company would know that you visited both sites…

As I understand, in CNAME Cloaking, the browser doesn’t know a given external resource (such as image, iframe, or JS) is an alias to a 3rd party site. So if a user is on website1.com, the browser will still store and send first-party cookies to img1.website.com, which is an alias to trackingcompany.com.

My question is on how CNAME Cloaking establishes linkage for the same user across domains. As a specific example, say website1.com stores/sends its first-party cookie containing w1_id to Tracking Company, while website2.com sends/stores w2_id. How does Tracking Company link w1_id and w2_id it gets?