How to setup document archival for documents in SharePoint 2010?

I am working with SharePoint on prem 2010. I have to propose a non-coding solution for one a retention/document archival job. Basically once a document is uploaded, after three years (we can calculate 3 years based on the created date assigned by SharePoint) we would like to copy/move it over to a different library under a different site collection’s site.Once the move is performed then the document should be deleted from the Source library.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Why my Nokia 7.1 makes a sound every 30 seconds until I view the notification?

Since updating to Android 9 (Pie) a few days ago, my Nokia 7.1 makes alert noises every 30 seconds – 1 minute until I view the notification.

I think it has something to do with the Ambient screen notification setting. I used to have it set at “periodically” which is supposed to be every 2 minutes and would previously just illuminate the screen – not make noise. But now, I get a notification noise about every 30 seconds (37 seconds to be exact) until I acknowledge the notification.

I set the Ambient screen notification setting to be “once” and that seems to have resolved the issue of getting the notification sounds, which is why I believe that setting is no longer working properly.

I can live with that workaround for now, but it really would be ideal to have my screen light up every 2 minutes without noise in the many cases that I don’t see it the first time.

I have seen a similar issue reported with a solution of “Tap your Settings, scroll down and tap accessibility, scroll down and tap notification reminder.” but I do not have that setting.

Hosting two SSL sites (different host name) on same server with different certificates and without ports (i.e. 443)

We have a SharePoint site hosted on port 443.

There is another site that should be hosted on same server and without port (i.e. 443).

Both the certificates are issued to different host names (i.e. not wildcard certificate).

How can I achieve above scenario?

I’m working on IIS 6.

Any help is much appreciated!

Copy an entire Android Image to multiple devices

first and foremost, let me tell you that i am everything but a professional when it comes to the Android OS. I’ve just been using it casually up to now, but i do have a rather annoying task at hand right now.

The issue i have is Setting up About 150 Android devices, disabling the Google apps, changing some Settings and installing one app. Obviously that task would take about for ever if i did everyting by Hand, so my thought was to just set up one and then copy all the properties and stuff to the other ones. Unfortunately i have no idea if that even is possible.

Rooting the devices is not an Option as the warranty should stay intact. The devices are Zebra TC200J with Android 7.1.2

I’d really appreciate any help about the process or any other ways on how to ease the process. Thanks in advance

Send HTTP Request error Flow

I am creating a flow right now that will create pages every week. The thing is, im using the “Send an HTTP request to sharepoint” to create the pages. Below you can see that part: enter image description here

The problem is, whenever I start the flow, it shows me the following error:

{   "status": 400,   "message": "Invalid JSON. A comma character ',' was expected in scope 'Object'. Every two elements in an array and properties of an object must be separated by commas.\r\nclientRequestId: 8fc18d2f-80e8-4705-98fe-98fb9c1e7b98\r\nserviceRequestId: 0283ad9e-9062-0000-37db-27d19952771c",   "source": " Name)/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Pages')/items",   "errors": [     "-1",     "Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.InvalidClientQueryException"   ] } 

When i add that come to the object it says, the comma can’t be there. So i assume the problem isn’t about the comma, but rather about the coding itself, but i can’t figure it out… Can someone help me?

I Indexoutofbound when record is 100 chars & if record size 20 chars,append 80 ” ” before add the new record help me [on hold]

char[] arr = data.toCharArray();

    int data_len = data.length();     int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0; //    int n;     char[][] Val = new char[10][30];     ;     while (i < data_len-2) {         while (arr[i] != ':')         {             if ((arr[i] == '\r') || (arr[i] == '\n'))                 break;             i++;         }          i = i + 1;         while (arr[i] != ',') {             if ((arr[i] == '\r') || (arr[i] == '\n'))                 break;             Val[j][k++] = arr[i++];          }         j++;         i++;     }     data = "";     for(i=0; i<j-1; i++)     {         data += Val[i].toString() + ",";     }     data += Val[j-1].toString();     data_len = data.length();     for(i = 0; i < 100-data_len; i++)         data += " ";         saveFiles(fName, data);