SharePoint REST and Power Apps

How I can use SharePoint REST API in Power Apps using Custom Connectors?

I am following this article to create postman collection which is successful, but I am not sure how to integrate this in Power Apps.

Anyone tried to do this?

Take an example of calling https://sitename/_api/web/sitegroups, which will give you the list of site groups.

Convert Progressive Web App to URL link

I have just switched to Android Pie (Resurrection Remix, based on LineageOS).

I wanted to add a shortcut to a newspaper I read regularly. For this I opened Chrome, went to the corresponding web page and chose “Add to Homescreen” (or similar, my phone is set to another language). Unfortunately, this adds the page as a Progressive Web App. What bothers me is the page does not open as another tab in Chrome, but pretends to be a standalone app.

In Android Oreo I solved that issue by setting Chrome to display the desktop version of the page before adding the shortcut. However, this does not seem to work anymore.

How can I force that link to be a real URL link opening as a tab in Chrome? I would not want to install another app for that.

Size availability In tenant admin site collection list – SPO

One of our tenant shows below storage figures ( 42.88 TB available of 49.24 TB)

Can someone please help me understand what these storage figures mean?

is this total of all site collections? i.e

Sharepoint Site collection (one with /sites) + Personal sites (/personal , One Drive For business) + Office 365 video site (/Portal) + Office 365 group sites (/teams)

or its just sharepoint site collections and One drive for business, groups sites are calculated separately ?

enter image description here

How would I automate repetitive tasks in Android?

There are many tasks I do repetitively, like connect a Bluetooth headset or connect to a hotspot. How do I typically “code” this? How do I execute? Is there a consistent library or package manager, or do I have to collect from everywhere?

Any community projects? Anything that works consistently over several platforms? Is there some framework to execute over several devices? (In the Bluetooth example I might want to disconnect other devices at the same time)

“Send by email” on modern page – not showing for some users

Original question: While this feature was previously available for our site users it now is missing. There is no gray ribbon or “send by email” button. SHouldn’t all visitors be able to send or share Events and News? I’m not sure if this is a permission issue or something else. And not sure why that would have changed other than I made it a hub site recently.

Clarification on my question: “send by email” on modern pages was not showing for some users.

I thought it was a permissions issue but as clarified in the answer below, it was a browser issue. In my experience “Send by email” for a modern page shows on IE 11, chrome, and safari. Some of our users were not seeing “share by email”. Based on the answer below I assume this is because they were using IE 10 but I have not confirmed this is the version they were using.

Not able to use media audio on Bluetooth

I’m using an Alcatel Tetra, Android 8.1 with bluedio victory 2nd gen headphones and media isn’t working. Android insists no media is connected. I can confirm the headset support A2DP, and media gies through fine with my echo

Also, 1st Gen victory works with my phone. I’ve tried BTmono, but sound plays through both my speaker and my headset and sounds so crappy