KeyOne Oreo upgrade issues

So I just installed the upgrade and my phone ringer volume is ridiculous now.

I typically use it on the lowest setting, but now the lowest setting is much louder. It’s more like the 3rd level compared to the old OS. Which is obnoxiously loud.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Also there hasn’t been a thread update issues yet so post up what else started giving you trouble.

Unable to change Content type from quick edit view

I have a SharePOint library for which there are about 5 content types added. Some users do drag and drop files in the library and because of that the Content type value for these files is set to the default one.

When I go into Quick edit (added content type in the view), I am unable to change the set content type but when I do files>Edit properties, it does allow me to change the content type.

Is this the default behavior or is there something we can do allow users to change content type in the quick edit view.

Thanks in advance.

Pinging Domain doesn’t give A Record IP

Should pinging a domain give you the IP the same as the A Record? Are there conditions where it shouldn’t? A client’s website isn’t pointing to the A record IP, it’s point to a Cloudflare DNS server. I can’t redirect to HTTPS, I get a too many redirects error, I cant go to the CPanel, it’s not reading the CSS and giving me a broken page. My client’s IT support company isn’t very helpful, Any ideas?