How to rsync to SD card?

I have SSHelper installed which allows me to rsync (pull) from my SD card and to rsync (push) to the internal storage.

However, I would like to be able to rsync (push) to the SD card.

On a Linux system, for example, I could do –rsync-path=”sudo rsync”. However, SSHelper doesn’t have sudo or even su.

How do I rsync pushing to my SD card?

understanding graph api call response for share point

I made a call like

and the response came as

{     "@odata.context": "$  metadata#Collection(microsoft.graph.list)('OEC_Docs')/items",     "value": [         {             "@odata.etag": "\"02115e22-f23a-4259-8ed6-daf8c43281ac,2\"",             "createdDateTime": "2018-10-30T01:04:25Z",             "eTag": "\"02115e22-f23a-4259-8ed6-daf8c43281ac,2\"",             "id": "1",             "lastModifiedDateTime": "2018-10-30T01:04:25Z",             "webUrl": "",             "createdBy": {                 "user": {                     "email": "",                     "id": "7e2e677e-9869-42a7-af35-7b9f2a64438a",                     "displayName": "Vik Kumar"                 }             },             "lastModifiedBy": {                 "user": {                     "email": "",                     "id": "7e2e677e-9869-42a7-af35-7b9f2a64438a",                     "displayName": "Vik Kumar"                 }             },             "parentReference": {                 "siteId": ",c0dcbfd8-d394-4b66-9292-d98b8d05be42,79ff79ae-9fc1-44e2-84f6-405f835b60cf"             },             "contentType": {                 "id": "0x010046F955EDF3E8184B9934ABF6AE97CF33",                 "name": "Item"             }         }     ] } 

I am expecting to see the list as i created but the above data not sure what it means. please advise

Social Media Sharing Buttons concerning the Chinese Great Firewall

We are about to build a multi-regional website that targets users in China and other places. However, a concern was raised about the use of social media sharing buttons. Since China blocks common social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, we fear that showing buttons with their icons on them will cause China to block our site. However, we do want to allow users from other countries to share our website to these social media websites.

So the questions are:

  1. Will these social media buttons cause our site to be banned in China?
  2. If they are not banned, will they affect rankings in search engines?
  3. If the localised version (zh-hans) does not have these buttons, will it helps? However, the homepage in default language (which is not Chinese) will still have them.
  4. Will there be a difference to use sub-directories or sub-domains for different languages, since sub-domains are usually viewed as a different site?

Any suggestions are welcome.

SharePoint search index location as network drive file space

We are supporting SharePoint 2013 onpremises with Search topology running specifically on two servers with 20 Million items in index location.

The search index space is occupying 300 GB space in each server as we have index component running on two search servers.

Due to the disk space capacity issues, can we choose index location as common network drive file space for both search servers?

Is this kind of index location supported in SharePoint search topology?

SPFx pnp reload PropertyFieldListPicker with custom webAbsoluteUrl

Is there a way to reload the custom context for a PropertyFieldListPicker using the webAbsoluteUrl property while the pane is open?

I have a custom string property: 

for capturing the site url of a list. I then use that url to generate the context for a PropertyFieldListPicker. It works fine if you enter a value, close the property pane and then reopen. It just won’t update the context while the property pane is open and the user changes the site url.

PropertyFieldListPicker('listSelect', {   ...   selectedList:,   onPropertyChange: this.onPropertyPaneFieldChanged.bind(this),   properties:,   context: this.context,   webAbsoluteUrl: }) 

I’ve tried using

protected onPropertyPaneFieldChanged(propertyPath: string, oldValue: any, newValue: any): void {   if (propertyPath === 'siteUrl' && newValue) {     ...     this.context.propertyPane.refresh();     this.render();   } } 

Is it good for SEO to have domain alias that describes company service? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Will having multiple domains improve my seo? 7 answers

I have bought a domian that is like Where service is eg. “haircut”.

Is it good to have this kind of domains as aliases to main domain company.example?

What would be best for SEO, serving the main domain content on this alias or redirect 301 from alias to main domain?