Switch properly from HTML website to WordPress without hurting Google rankings

My question is about specific technicalities of the switch from HTML website to WordPress. I looked through similar questions but my question still remains.

I think my situation is pretty standard.

I’m about to switch my current HTML website to WordPress. My website has been up since 2006.

Main details of the transition:

-My current site is in the /public folder

-Most pages have .php extension

-The WordPress folder is /clickandbuilds/mywebsite (WordPress.org, hosted by 1&1)

-I’ll also need to do 301 redirects for all .php pages to the WP pages

I guess my main question is the following:

Is it safe to just switch my domain from the /public folder to the WordPress folder once everything is ready? I assume it’s a standard procedure – but still wanted to get a second opinion.

Thanks, Leo

How can I setup NamelessMC on DreamHost?

I would like to setup https://github.com/NamelessMC/Nameless version 1.0.21 on my DreamHost web hosting. I tried following this guide, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3u8RThdflY. However, when I use SFTP to login, the only directories I see are Maildir, logs and <mydomain>.com. Inside <mydomain>.com is just favicon.ico and favicon.gif. No public_html or anything.

In the guide he drags the NamelessMC folder into public_html and sets the htaccess to

  Options +FollowSymLinks -Indexes   RewriteEngine On    RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d   RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f    RewriteRule ^.*$   ./index.php 

Can someone help me figure out how I can get this working on my site, please?


How would Google treat a GitHub-Pages site, that is based on the same content as the GitHub repository itself?

I’ve just created a GitHub Pages "site", out of one of my repositories on Github. Basically it’s just a landing page, that pretty-prints my readme.md file(that is found in the repo). GitHub allows you to create such a site automatically.

I don’t know too much about SEO, but i’ve heard that google takes into account "duplicate" content, as a "devaluation" factor.

So i was wondering: If google finds a Github repo page, that outputs some readme.md file, and then finds a Github.io(GitHub Pages) page, that has almost the identical content- would it treat it as some duplicate, and apply some kind of penalty to it?

Problems ranking in different countries for .com TLD

Certain page on my site shows up on the first page of ‘google.com’ but when I’m searching for the same phrase in google by changing the country in the Google’s search settings, it doesn’t show up on the 1st page.

Say for instance, if I search for this phrase: hire a zoho developer It appears on the Google’s first page.

But the same page is not showing up on the first page of the Google search results for the same phrase when I’m changing the country in the Google Search settings.

My competitors’ sites rank consistently across all geographical versions of Google. Is there something I am missing out on? 

Using Ubuntu 18.04: On VestaCP installation, how to get result (https://subdomain.domain.tld:8083) instead of (https://123.312.321.23:8083) [closed]

I’m trying to install VestaCP on Ubuntu 18.04 but keep getting the following result after successful installation:

https://123.231.312.23:8083 instead of:


What do I have to do get this result: https://subdomain.domain.tld:8083?

I set hostname to server1: $ sudo hostnamectl set-hostname server1

then edit host file: $ sudo nano /etc/hosts

IP_address subdomain.domain.tld subdomain 

After all is done,I get hostname and FQDN as shown below, which is as it should be:

$   hostname server1 $   hostname -f server1.domain.tld 

But then, the result after successful installation: https://123.231.312.23:8083

What am I doing wrong?

What is the best way to draw 3d images of knots and show them on the web so that they can be rotated by the viewer? [closed]

On my html5 website , I would like to make graphics of tangles, similar to the following photo, a charged tangle , and I would like users to allow to rotate it and view it from all sides.

Is this the right forum to ask?

If so, what is the best way to realize this? ( I also have Mathematica and KnotPlot )

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Point Subdomain in Google Domains to Google Compute Instance running WordPress

I have installed wordpress (the bitnami multi-site version) to a compute instance from the marketplace. I’ve also recently moved my domain registration to domains.google.com. Everything is working fine with the top-level domain. I also set up a subdomain, wp.mydomain.com in the domains interface pointed to the static external IP I configured for the compute instance running wordpress. When I go to wp.mydomain.com it redirects me to http://.xip.io/.

How do I get this set up so that I stay on wp.mydomain.com instead of going to my ip address as the url?