How can one set goal in his life?

Hi Friends,

Recently I've started reading a few motivational books and all of them suggest you set a goal in your life.

My problem here is how one can choose any goal?

I'm a salaried professional, with wife and kids. Everything seems to be going fine. Job is good, family life is good. So how can I choose the goal?

Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Who Can Post Last?

Hello Digitalpoint

Let's Play: Who Can Post Last?

All you have to do is post something here in the thread as a follow up to the next persons post. Post whatever you want aslong as it is no counted as spam. The last poster in the thread wins the game! (no date is set) :)

Lock Snapping

With increased media coverage helping to raise awareness around the issue of lock snapping, now is the perfect time to encourage people to upgrade their locks. Criminals continually adapt the techniques they use in order to find new ways of breaking into properties.

Lock snapping is a crime that requires little or no experience or skill, meaning that many properties are at risk attack. It is therefore more important than ever for people to be vigilant when it comes to home security.


Lock Snapping