How to learn game development?(PC and Mobile) [on hold]

I am an electronic undergraduate and none of my friends even in CS have idea how to become an independent game Dev or even work as a product engg./game Dev in a mobile based gaming startup.Sure they know full stack mobile app development is one part(on mobile),also working on some engine like Unity etc, but nothing more.Any idea what things are important and also some advice to non CS background guys on how to start?

How to calculate turret position after rotation

I’m trying to make a tank character for my game but i couldn’t do the math of firing bullets from turret instead of center of the tank.

I tried some stackoverflow solutions but i couldn’t understand them correctly or they weren’t related to my issue.

this.angle = (rotation in radians) + Math.PI / 2 var x = -40 * Math.sin(this.angle) - -40 * Math.cos(this.angle); var y = -40 * Math.cos(this.angle) + -40 * Math.sin(this.angle);  turretX = turretX - x; turretY = turretY - y; 

now, as you can imagine, the position is always 40px wrong. That’s expected since i try to change values of both x and y regardless of they’re already correct or not. How can I get the correct x, y?

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create a random deck of 7 cards every time they are all used?

so I’m trying to create a Tetris like game in C# (unity) and I’ve run into quite a problem on how I can generate 7 cards (tetrominoes) that none are the same and when I run out of cards, I regenerate more. i can kind of see how i could do the regeneration part but im very unsure on getting 7 cards for which none are the same. please help thanks…