Generating site traffic

Curious…what does everyone focus on to generate traffic to their site? Social media like Facebook or Instagram, or good ole' fashioned SEO? Anything else?
Nowadays, I am using a website to get more traffic for my website Link in bio. and it's working.
and getting more impressions and clicks for my website.

Which payment gateway

Hi All.
I am about to launch a new online gift store and wondered which are the best payment gateway accounts to use? My website developers have PayPal and stripe set by default. I wondered if anyone can recommend the most cost effective to use?

Western Union…please help :(

I used Western Union to send money for a purchase I made. I got my MTCN from them, and I called their number and dialed the MTCN when asked. I just checked the status of my transfer on their website and got a message saying

"W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please verify your information and click Check Status."

I typed the EXACT number I was given, but I still get this message. Does it take a certain amount of time until the system recognizes your MTCN or…

Western Union…please help :(

What altcoins are you holding now?

Hello guys!

Who among you here is investing on cryptocurrencies? Especially ICOs?

Here are some of my altcoins that I hold on now:

1. Blackmoon
2. Plexcoin
3. Paragon
4. Electroneum
5. Universa
6. Crypterium

More to come!

Feel free to share yours. Any feedback will be appreciated. :D

VERY strange issue with Instagram

There's a strange bug I've been hitting lately on Instagram.
Certain mutual followers not showing up, or very far down the list.

Say there is an account @x that is followed by a close friend of mine (@y). I follow @y and @y follows me back. It doesn't matter if I follow @x or not.

Before, when I would open @x's page, I would see "Followed by @y, @z + 42 more". But that no longer happens. For some reason @y is not in this short list of mutual followers. Also, when I open the full list of…

VERY strange issue with Instagram