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Website redesign in progress but got indexed by Google. Why?

Hello friends. I have a question and was thinking maybe someone can help. A small company does a website redesign for me. In the last 2-3 weeks they redesigned a few pages which haven’t been replaced on the live website. So the old website is still up and running until all the pages are redesigned . This new pages have been indexed by Google it seems. So now I have 5 redesigned pages and 5 old pages indexed. Why is that? Is this affecting my website /rankings in any way? In analytics I can see that my website lost a few positions exactly from when the redesign has begun. Thank you very much for your advice.

Low Quality Score

Hi, I have an google ads account for promoting the web design and online marketing agency in
Belgium. There are keywords like web design agency, web design services, web design company,
create a professional website, (all in Dutch) etc. and all being targeted to one landing page i.e.
of the web design page. The same goes for SEO. Most of the keywords have 3-4 as their QS.
The landing page experience & exp. ctr is below average. It is not possible to add all the keywords
in one landing page as well. I have attached the ad groups and the keywords. How can I improve the
QS so that the conversion is received?

Alt text

While posting an article we do post pictures as well with alt text. My question is can alt text used on image affects keyword density? If yes how does it affects the keyword density.