Nationwide companies and GMB

Just wanted to make sure this is correct as my research isn’t really turning up anything definitive:

Adding a nation-wide company with one physical location that doesn’t even take "walk-in" customers (think eCommerce) to Google My Business is not only pointless, but it can actually be harmful.


Many identical version differing by lang= attribute

I have a list of 8115 languages.

Is it a good idea to submit 8115 versions (differing by lang= attributes) of my site to Google? In the future they are to be filled by content in different languages, but for now they differ only in lang= and also "supplementary" labels (such as names of menu items) only for English and Russian.

What will Google do if it sees 8115 versions differing mainly in lang=? Will it penalize me?

Main Keyword of website is ranking in India and But not in USA ?

i am handing one website which is "" for USA region and one is "" for india and basically redirected to and the main keyword "online doctor" is ranking on number 3 position in India, but in USA, same main keyword "online doctor" is not even ranking in top 200. i have proper title,description and proper content, i don’t even use any "Indian address" in website, so can anyone help me in this ?

Disabling eBay completely


I was trying to debug some slowness in my stores after upgrade to 9.1.1 and with the debug enabled I can see that my server is doing a query to eBay even when I've not setup any API key or anything:

View attachment 1493

Is there any way to disable eBay completely so the app don't do the request? Thanks!

facebook audience insights not working?

I am trying to use facebook audience insights, but once I open the audience insights page, and select age range and interests, on the right panel, the page likes, demographics etc will show the progress bar and it keeps showing the progress bar forever.

I am not sure why it did not show the result after I change some parameters on the left panel(age,interests,etc).

NameHero Review

I’ve had NameHero’s corporate reseller package for about two weeks now. The migration went smoothly, especially since I used to have multipl… | Read the rest of