How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

Accepting"control" your new isn't really possible , because of social networking. Whether you are at the dialog or not, folks will speak about you on the web, also there isn't any way that you"restrain" exactly what they state. However, what you could do is combine in those conversations, also sway them by being part of those. By negative reviews about Yelp to customer complaints about Twitter, the best way to influence your viewer's understanding of your company is to take part in the talks…

How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

Similar Market Audience on FB


I'm not sure if this been discussed before. I have been marketing on facebook for the last 2 to 3 years. Lately I have been reading and watching Youtube to find the best methods on audience targeting.

Today I got intrigued by some sponsored advertisements as I did my regular visit to FB.

I saw some sponsored advertisement advertising products 100 percent similar to what I have been looking at the last few days in other various shopping websites (i.e Lazada, Shoppee, Ebay,…

Similar Market Audience on FB

Nationwide companies and GMB

Just wanted to make sure this is correct as my research isn’t really turning up anything definitive:

Adding a nation-wide company with one physical location that doesn’t even take "walk-in" customers (think eCommerce) to Google My Business is not only pointless, but it can actually be harmful.


Many identical version differing by lang= attribute

I have a list of 8115 languages.

Is it a good idea to submit 8115 versions (differing by lang= attributes) of my site to Google? In the future they are to be filled by content in different languages, but for now they differ only in lang= and also "supplementary" labels (such as names of menu items) only for English and Russian.

What will Google do if it sees 8115 versions differing mainly in lang=? Will it penalize me?