youtube monetization/multiple adsense

Hello, plese follow the thread.

  1. Can I apply for adsense account with monetized channel that I bought?
  2. Can compilation channel with no music and no voice over be used to approve for adsense?
  3. Should each channel be managed from separate IP address? How to do it? How many are safe to run from 1 IP?
  4. Can I set channel country different that adsense country?
  5. How to create multiple adsense accounts?
  6. Correct way to transfer bought channel?


Full organic active fast growing youtube channel
added instant screenshots now channel is growing very fast
Channel 42k
no copyright notice
application for monetization not made

SKYPE : live:.cid.37ff4e651c079d21

I will deliver the account after payment first
payment method BTC
price 2000 $

The SEC has requested access to the correspondence of Ripple employees in Slack

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The United States has appealed to the court with a request to grant the regulator access to the correspondence of Ripple employees in the Slack messenger. According to the regulator, the company's employees communicated in Slack as often as by email. Therefore, Ripple must provide the SEC with "more than a million messages including terabytes of data." The petition states that at the beginning of the trial, the defendants agreed to provide this…

The SEC has requested access to the correspondence of Ripple employees in Slack

Payment solutions for Magento 1.X


I am very new to this community, so let me know if I this is not the right place to ask this question.

In my case, we have 2 running websites operate in Europe (accepting C.C.; MC and VISA in EURO currency). Currently, the complete payment solutions is provided by Chase in U.S. but no longer supported soon.

For this reason, we need to replace the existing payment solutions with another (whether a platform plugin, highly customizations method programmed with API, a hosted page,…

Payment solutions for Magento 1.X