How to earn money from youtube channel

Everyone is trying their best efforts to earn money online by creating youtube channels or any other methods.Youtube (video sharing platform) also helps the users to create the videos in which they are passionate about and upload their videos on youtube.

Due to this users can earn money from their channels by creating interesting videos for their subscribers.So here, I will share some methods on how to earn money from youtube channel.

1. Earn money from AdSense :

Youtubers can earn money by uploading videos by connecting their youtube account with Google Adsense program.To get eligible for adsense ‘youtubers’ should have minimum ‘4000 watch time hours and 1000 subscribers’ in the past 12 months.After completing the above condition users are now eligible to create and connect adsense account with their youtube channel.

Then after uploading the videos users(or)subscribers will watch ads on your videos based on your specified video time frame.Hence you will earn money when users will watch your ads.Based on the country you will earn money on the specific ad.So,this is the way in which you can make money on youtube views.

2. Earn money from Affiliate :

You can also earn money as an affiliate from youtube.For example : if you create the videos on product reviews like reviewing the new smartphone or any other product.Here,in the youtube description you can drop the affiliate link of the product from shopping sites like Amazon,Flipkart etc.,

If the customer buys the product from your affiliate link you will earn commissions from that product.Eventhough if the customer did not buy the product,but he clicks on the affiliate link you will get some commissions.There are also some websites which are providing these features.

But make sure not to spam by posting too many affiliate links or fake site links on the youtube description.Otherwise your youtube account may get banned.

3. Earn money from creating gaming channel :

Nowadays,it has been a trend to create gaming channel on youtube and stream live.Trending games like Pubg,Fortnite have been taken as an opportunity by the gamers to showcase their talent on gaming by streaming live on youtube.

For their youtube gaming support,Subscribers (or) Users will support them by donating money through paytm or any modes of transfer.They stream live on youtube and entertain their subscribers by showcasing their gaming skills.So,I think it is the best opportunity for the gamers to showcase their talent on youtube and earn some money.

4. Earn money from sponsors :

You can also earn money from sponsors on youtube like if your channel is interesting and has more subscribers count then the companies will be interested to sponsor.For example : if you get a more than 1 lakh video views per day on your channel then the companies will provide you a product and if you review on that product you earn money.

Make sure not to cheat the subscribers by reviewing the bad products for the sake of money.Otherwise,the subscribers will lose trust on your videos and slowly the youtube channel will stop growing and at last due to some violation you account may get banned.

adidas eqt

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If you are preparing for an endurance event then making sure you get used to running for set periods of time can be more important than the amount of time covered. When I used to swim regularly, my coach always made sure I knew I was getting the same time in adidas eqt the pool as the Swimmers covering an extra 40 lengths in a session and the same applies when running and walking. CaloriesIt doesn?t take a rocket scientist to know that if you use up more calories than you consume then you will lose weight (and vice versa). Monitoring how many calories you spend every day and how many you consume means you can monitor whether you should be losing or gaining weight. (Obviously consuming good calories from healthy foods is important) DistanceMonitoring the distance you have covered is excellent if [Image: adidas%20eqt-034ftp.jpg] you are building up your training for an event.

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ÿþThe key to losing weight is new balance 574 to have a balance between your physical health, emotional health and social responsibilities. This may seem impossible at the moment. Trust me, by bringing your life into balance you can achieve anything you set your mind to it. Throughout the day, it is important to focus on the physical, emotional and social aspects of your life. The physical aspect refers to your overall health. This means getting enough sleep, even if you skip doing the dishes in order to sleep. In order to function properly and give your best to others and yourself, you must have the things that you physically need. These things include the proper amount of sleep, balanced eating, and any physical exercise your body needs. 

Sober, as usual for the brand, have a number of modern amenities which, together with a finished first, make him one of the most desirable options market. This version of the Audi A3 ensures controlled funIf you see it in pictures cannot say surprised, but live is another matter. We talked about the Audi A3 , one of the three models of VAG Group, along with the new Seat Leon and Volkswagen Golf VII , which new balance’s 574 rises from the platform MQB . It’s an Audi, so do not expect a revolution bestial over the previous generation. However, once you start living with him you realize that this is a car that has evolved in every aspect that can evolve a vehicle. Outwardly, we see that it has taken the cosmetic changes are already players in the latest creations of the brand, as the new balance shoes hexagonal grille and more angular headlights and aggressive. 

Among the strengths, especially taking into account the performance offered by the motor is the fuel consumption. During the week I had in my hands this Audi, the average cost of fuel was around 8 liters per 100 kilometers, a figure that helps to get the Stop / Start system or 1,325 kg approved. Moreover, this figure city trips, and thanks to the mechanical operation of the low speed the new A3 is capable of running saving possible. You Can Balance Your Life in just 20 Minutes a Day!By: Dietta L. Stewart Is it really possible to live a life of balance? Yes! And I am going to show you how you can do it in just 20 minutes a day. Achieving a balanced life is new balance 990 the key to reaching your full potential. When your life is balanced you are free to grow and be all that you can be. 

You’ll be able to tune into your inner wisdom and discover what is truly important. Then you will be able to center your life around your priorities. Thus, creating a more balanced life. There are several things that you can do to tap your inner resources. My favorite thing to do is to write in my journal. This is a powerful and effective tool that has grown in popularity over the years. Another option is to meditate or pray. Regardless of what exercise you choose you can be on your way to a more balanced life if you do it for just 20 minutes per day. However, additionally it is good to air your shoes once in a while under sunshine for approximately 30 minutes to destroy viruses and remove odor. 

Always use dense and well protected socks to safeguard your legs from the severe or cold climate, whereas light and portable, moisture absorbing socks are appropriate for dry or summer times. Slim socks that come with super dry or cool-max feature are perfect for hot times. In most forms of operating shoes, dense socks which are designed of micro-acrylic or cotton materials will absorb shock and provide additional cushioning and support. It is most beneficial to help keep monitor of your shoe usage and substitute your new balance shoes once you have run for 350 kilometers. In relation to on the kind of new balance shoes you bought, some can last longer than this range. How quick your shoes get exhausted also relies on your personal usage styles and routines. 

Those days are just history when people used to select a footwear for regular utilization and were new balance women not very conscious of the quality and other features, such as; ease, comfort and specific designs, which are now considered as the basic features of selecting a shoe. Nowadays, there are some important changes can be witnessed in the design and basic raw material, which are the most important issues in the manufacturing of good quality shoes, according to the requirements of the clients. Today the upper cover, inner elements and sole of the shoes are getting more attention, both from the manufacturer and the user, which are essentially helpful [Image: new%20balance%20women-298vre.jpg] in getting the best solution to a specific item.

Custom Crawler – Not working


I have a problem with Email Scraper Premium. I try to configure Custom Crawler for the simplest tasks and I cannot get any result. Apparently I am doing something wrong. Take a look:

I try to search for a simple number in the following format :


I have created a RegEx format: ([0-9]{2}-[0-9]{3}) 

I cannot get the Custom Crawler to work on any data, regardless of whether I use the private proxies or not. 

Am I doing something wrong?

I appreciate your help,

Offline Marketing: Why It’s Still Important

As you develop your marketing plan have you put all your eggs into the online marketing basket?


…with the popularity of the internet, may be why so many businesses are beginning to overlook offline marketing. Instead, they are investing only in online tactics like SEO, content marketing, and social media ads.

The internet continues to become more integrated into our daily lives. Yet, offline marketing is still essential for businesses of any size and in any industry…

Offline Marketing: Why It’s Still Important and How to Use It In 2019

After reading the article above, what offline marketing methods are you going to incorporate?

Top Marketing Blogs for 2019

If you are looking to build your resources of marketing information for your business or blog reading marketing blogs can be a good way to gain insight into various types of marketing.


…blogs are core to successful content, search, social and influencer marketing. It seems the business world agrees. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth ongoing study of blogging and social media reported in 2018 that 53% of Fortune 500 companies have a corporate blog (an 11% increase over 2017) and 55% of the Inc 500 companies are blogging,

Blogs are still an effective part of marketing however it can also be argued that many of them are not well maintained or updated very often. But here’s the thing: There’s more useful knowledge about marketing being shared than ever before, so where can marketers find the best marketing blogs to follow?…

BIGLIST of 50 Top Marketing Blogs for 2019 – Martech Edition

Note: Some of the blogs on the above list do not have a RSS feed. IMHO, that is not good. Something you might want to consider for your own blog is to include a RSS feed. Not only is it good for those of us who still use a RSS feed reader to keep up on the latest news, it can be used also to market your blog.