For all filenames in beautifulsoup file, return tags are empty

I’m wanting to parse through a large .txt file and pull out bits and pieces of data based on their parent tags. The problem is, for example, the ‘class = “ro” ‘ contains hundreds of different bits of text and numbers, most of which aren’t useful.

import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup  data = requests.get('')  # load the data soup = BeautifulSoup(data.text, 'html.parser')  # get the data for tr in soup.find_all('tr', {'class':['rou','ro','re','reu']}):     db = [td.text.strip() for td in tr.find_all('td')]     print(db) 

As I said prior, this works to get all those tags, but 95% of the returns are useless. I want to filter based on the filename using a for loop or something that works similarly… “For all files with FILENAME = R2, R3, etc.”… grab all tags with class ‘ro’, ‘rou’, etc. Everything I’ve tried thus far returns empties… can someone assist with this? Thanks in advance!

<DOCUMENT> <TYPE>XML <SEQUENCE>14 **<FILENAME>R2.htm** <------- for everything with this filename <DESCRIPTION>IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT <TEXT> <html> <head> <title></title> .....removed for brevity </head> <body> .....removed for brevity <td class="text">&#160;<span></span> <------ return this tag </td> .....removed for brevity </tr> 

Two samples files can be found here in their entirety:

( (

Declare table, insert into table, select distinct

I have a table-valued function where there are multiple tables being declared and finally joined together to create the final table with data from each table. I had a problem with duplicates so I created a new table @ORDERHEADER so select the distinct values and then insert it into the the table and eventually the final table. When I run the select distinct by itself, it populates correctly but when I run it with the insert nothing populates.

Below is the code I am currently working with (I kept the commented out lines for you to see what I have tried — above the first “–LEFT OUTER JOIN” is my working code).


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Error: HTML Element Doesn’t Exist in Code-Behind File in Visual Studio

I’m trying to create a control for a calendar element in my Web application. It’s a very basic Web app., and I already have a control for a button element that is working properly. However, the calendar element is not being recognized in the code-behind (C#) file for some reason.

I’ve already ensured that runat = “server” exists in the Calendar element, and that the code-behind file is properly inherited in the ASP.NET file.

protected void Calendar1_SelectionChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { Label1.Text = Calendar1.SelectedDate.ToLongDateString();}

In the ASP.NET file, I have Calendar ID = “Calendar1” runat = “server” … embedded in asp tags, but it’s still not recognizing Calendar1. I also made sure Calendar1_SelectionChanged(…) exists in Calendar1’s events. Any help would be appreciated.

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SQL Server XML – modify multiple elements

I have a SQL Server XML column with data like this:

<History>    <Entry>       .....    </Entry>    <Entry>       .....    </Entry> </History> 

I need to add a unique identifier to each Entry element, giving this result:

<History>   <Entry entryID="AAA">       .....    </Entry>    <Entry entryID="BBB">       .....    </Entry> </History> 

I have it working for the first occurrence of the Entry element but don’t know how to apply it to all occurrences. Also, this entryID is a GUID and I don’t know how to generate a new one for each row.

Here is how I update the first element.

declare @eventId varchar(64) set @eventId =  CONVERT(varchar(64),NEWID()) update Histories        set XmlHistory.modify('               insert attribute EntryID {sql:variable("@eventId")}                      into (History/Entry)[1]        ') where HistoryID=285162 

I also have query that selects the elements that need this attribute and do not already have it. This gives the primary key and the element I need to update. I can’t get a unique element identifier to use for the element array index.

select rowPK, m.c.query('.') theElement from TheTable h     cross apply h.XMLColumn.nodes('History/Entry[not(@EntryID)]') m(c) where XMLColumn.exist('(History/Entry)')= 1 

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Why my API requests worked on local, but not on my server?

I’m new with Laravel, so I tried something simple :

  • create a route to api (‘myVirtualHost.test/api/v1/sources’) which return some JSON when I requested it with postman.

It worked well.

  • Now, I pushed it on my VPS and tried the same thing : 404 NOT FOUND.

What I’ve done :

I split my laravel folder into 2 folders for more security : The “public” folder’s content is in “/var/www/html/server” (not in root folder because I have some others subfolders for others project) The Laravel other’s content are in “/var/www/server”

  • My Apache2 conf (/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.con) is:

    ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost DocumentRoot /var/www/html

    ErrorLog $  {APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log CustomLog $  {APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined  <Directory "/var/www/html/myFirstProject">   AllowOverride All </Directory> <Directory "/var/www/html/mySecondProject">   AllowOverride All </Directory> <Directory /var/www/html/server>   AllowOverride All </Directory> 

  • I changed paths from index.php (/var/www/html/server/index.php)

  • Storage and Bootstrapp folders have permissions

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