CDC on Sql Server 2017 with HA cluster stopped working

I am currently using Sql Server 2017 (14.0.3294.2) running on Windows Server 2016 as an HA cluster, one primary with two secondaries.

A few days ago, the primary was rebooted and I think the person that did it executed some operations that made the primary server primary again. Since then, CDC stopped working. Querying the cdc tables doesn’t offer a clue about the status. The CDC job is enabled.

I found this post:, however, I am very reluctant to use the solution in this context.

The last error in the CDC job log is (after the primary was restarted):

Executed as user: UserName. Failed to update database "DatabaseName" because the database is read-only. [SQLSTATE 25000] (Error 3906). NOTE: The step was retried the requested number of times (10) without succeeding. The step failed.

Any suggestions on how to make CDC work again?

Thank you