Character issues with my group

I am fairly newish to d and d. Our group plays every week and I have been a GM before. My character is fairly chill, chaotic neutral and will often get distracted for a few moments looking at something or talking to someone, as it fits into her character. She will often be the one to push the button in the middle of the room, or lick the wall etc. A real yes character trying not to block anyone else’s ideas. The other players however, one in particular shut her down at every turn, undermining her to NPCs making out like she is annoying and pathetic and often at times it can get hurtful as it seems to be aimed at me personally. We get along great in real life but anything my character says Is shut down, even when my ideas are good, they will chat about it and then either do what I had said or ignore me completely. When everything is getting a but too serious during times that are not serious, my character may do something to bring the story back to life. The GM loves it and will always let me go for it, as the story is richer and more enjoyable and I will feed more into some of the story elements he has done. The group however want to follow everything to the book. The campaign we are playing, I have been tasked with looking after the money etc from our group business, and even though it is my role ,(we all have our own) I get no say in anything ever. I don’t even see the point having the role. As it is always 2 against me. I roll a lot of natural 20s and the dm will allow certain things and the group will straight up say no.

For example tonight we were having a long rest, and my character was having a bit of fun and while they slept, put mud on their hands and woke them with a feather…when they woke they got a muddy face. Nothing major, just a little prank. It’s not real. And one of them set their familiar onto me to attack, which I of course batted it away… I am a tabaxi, I have claws… the gm made me roll to hit it and with my roll it died (can be brought back with a spell). This is a great twist to the story! An ogre then attacked us due to all the noise they were making about it and the ogre ruined their tents, Instead of the characters continuing on, etc, instead they both start getting actual mad at me, blamed me for everything. Started using spells to grovel to them and trying to hurt me on purpose and leave me in the forest and go off and continue the adventure. Their words and behaviors actually made me the person feel so shit. It was not intentional and it was not permanent. I mean, is this not the point of the game, to have moments that you can not control, or you might fuck up etc. The person who had the bird has actually nearly killed my character by accident during the campaign and I didn’t freak out and go on some kind or attack mode. The last few sessions I am not having a lot of fun, as one of the characters in particular takes over the entire story, tells you no if it’s not what they want to do and the character is really not nice to play with. So serious and straight. I try to talk about it but often get shut down. Do you think j need to find a new group. I was actually nearly in tears tonight, it was embarrassing and it’s a game. Yes a game I take seriously but fun is supposed to be the main component. I love my gm and would be gutted but our characters do not seem t mesh well.