Charisma (Persuasion, or other) checks with a translator

My hapless band of adventurers are about to encounter unfriendly Lizardfolk, who only speak Draconic.

The only character that speaks Draconic is the Wizard with bad breath (CHA 8, -1).

The Bard (CHA 19, +4) usually does the talking. However, he doesn’t speak Draconic.

In case they decide to parley with the Lizardfolk, with the Wizard translating for the Bard, I plan on letting the Bard roll a Charisma (Persuasion, or whatever) check with disadvantage, because of the loss of nuance in translation.

Does this make sense? Is there some official ruling on using "social" skills through a translator?

(Yes, of course the Bard could use some McGuffin of Comprehend Languages. No, they don’t have one of those.)