Check Array of Objects to See if a Specific Property Matches a Condition

I have data where a Report has an array of Expenses, and each Expense has an array of Returns. I want to check each Return to see if it satisfies a certain condition. This works:

for (var expense of {   if (text === "Process") { break; }   if (expense.Returns.some(x => x.ExpenseReportId === {     text = "Process";   } }; 

However, that feels like an old way of doing things. I’ve tried concat, map, etc., but can’t seem to get it. I just want something like this:

if (report.Expenses.Returns.some(x => ...)) 

I can’t do that because Expenses is an array, and so is Returns. How can I easily check all of the Returns properties on all of the Expense properties of the Report?