Chess Trap Variant

I’m planning to run a Dungeon World campaign based on a classic D&D Super Endless Quest book called The Ghost Tower which, in turn, is based on a classic D&D module called The Ghost Tower of Inverness.

There is a trap in this book based on Chess, where the party are each

Here’s the problem:

  • I’ve already stolen the idea for this trap for another game.
  • I made it a series of rooms, each room representing a square on the chessboard.
  • I even had zombies representing opponent chess pieces wandering from room to room.

I still want to include this trap, but I’m struggling with how to make it fresh for the players. They’re probably going to recognize it for what it is: a chessboard. But even if they do, I want them to have fun with it. I think I can play on their expectations and throw them for a loop.

How can I change the trap to do this?