Child (5yrs) on Tier 4 visas has CAS. Family income questions

Our daughter is enrolled in a school in England and our entire family (Father, mother, daughter (student) and son (2yrs) want to also follow. UK.Gov states anyone on a tier 4 visa cannot work but in order for us to make this work we would need the invome and thus work remotely.

We own and operate a small bookkeeping accountancy that we have successfully run remotely during extended travel – we work a total of 15 hours per week. We also have rental income of just over $ 5,000 per month.

I’m looking for an opinion on if we should all apply for a tier 4 but write a cover letter stating the sources of our income or would we be better off only applying for our daughter on a tier 4 and the rest of us apply for a long term tourist visa. Another possibility we’ve considered is a Sole Representative Visa as I do not currently work for our company and could be hire to set up a branch in England.

It’s is our hope to let a home and live in England for two years total. It seems like somehow all of these pieces can fit together but the guidelines are vague and I don’t want to apply incorrectly and get a negative mark on our immigration record.

Any advice or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.