China Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Product Parameter (Specification)
Item Specification
Color Black
Carrier PET Film
Base Film Thickness 4.5±0.1 μm
Ink Thickness 1.5±0.1 μm
Reflection Optical Density ≥1.5 D
Color Density ≥1.8 DB
Electrostatic 0
【Remarks】Any of size of jumbo rolls and small cutting-finished rolls are workable for customized as customers’ requirement.
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A.Stable formulation, quality control and the delivery on time are guaranted.
B. OEM is available and ribbon is customized well.
C. Serious ribbons and printing solution recommendation and suggestion is to customers directly from our chief engineer and sales representative.
D. All of quality problems will be settled directly and after-sell service guaranted well.
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Near-Edge Wax/Resin Ribbon ( Short Name: TTO )China Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon