Chinese Visa Application: Is it relevant what to enter for “County”?

I, as a German citizen, am in the process of applying for a Chinese visa.

Nowadays, this must be done via the Visa for China website, where a lengthy set of web-based forms has to be completed. At the end of the process, the information entered into the online forms is compiled into a single PDF file that looks reminiscent of the old Chinese visa application forms in use until a few months ago.

In the course of the process, I am asked to input the names of Chinese cities (e.g. places I am planning to stay in, and the places of arrival and departure). Most of the times, entering a Chinese city prompts another field labeled “County” to appear, in which I seem to have to pick one out of a couple of administrative districts within the chosen city.

Obviously, this turns out a mildly entertaining hunt for Chinese municipal geography trivia – after all, who would know what administrative district of Beijing the capital airport belongs to1?

With that said, the selected “counties” apparently do not appear anywhere in the resulting PDF that I will have to submit! What did I have to search and enter that information for?!

Is it relevant what to pick in the “County” fields, or can I just pick anything because the information will be discarded, anyway?

1: This website with information about the visa application claims it’s Shunyi Qu, although Google Maps makes it seem like the airport is actually in an exclave of the adjacent Chaoyang Qu.