Choosing a smartphone for HDR

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  • What smartphone specs should I look at for fast RAW exposure bracketing?

I have already decided that I’m not gonna be shooting in RAW, since it’s too slow when you’re bracketing, and a single exposure, even if RAW, has too little dynamic range for me.

I’m using two exposure bracketing apps with my Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) – Camera FV-5 and Open Camera. On this phone CFV5 can bracket in a -2ev…+2ev range only, because it uses exposure compensation for that. That’s too little for me. OC can do -3ev…+ev because it doesn’t use exposure compensation, that’s enought dynamic range but OC is incredibly buggy to the point where it’s unusable.

How do I check the bracketing range I can get with any given phone? Does it depend on the OS, on the sensor, or what?