Chronurgist Wizard’s Chronal Shift at advantage/disadvantage [duplicate]

During my session a player come under the effects of the Dominate Monster spell during a combat. The player, rolled at advantage as written in the spells description, but failed the Wisdom DC both times. The Chronurgist Wizard used his Chronal Shift to reroll as a reaction, but we debated if the roll should be at advantage or not.

I can’t find anything online that would contradict other wise, and the closest thing I can find from the PHB states:

”When you have advantage or disadvantage and ”something in the game”, such as the halfling’s Lucky trait, lets you reroll the d20, you can reroll only one of the dice”

So, how would Chronal Shift be applied in this instance? Would the played roll again at advantage, or would they roll a further 1d20? I personally made the ruling as it being 1d20.