Clear cells throughout a column based on value in corresponding colimn

Thanks so much for your help so far. I have the below script, but am needing to make a slight adjustment/have a query

Is it possible/how can I restrict this to only work with one specific sheet, not all within the workbook?

How can I change it to work with columns D and AW?

Thanks again.

// only when cell A1 is changed, clear cell B1 function onEdit(e) { if(e.range.rowStart === 1 && e.range.columnStart === 1) { e.range.offset(0,1).clearContent(); } }

// when a cell in column A (A:A) is changed, clear the corresponding cell in column B function onEdit(e) { if(e.range.columnStart === 1) { e.range.offset(0,1).clearContent(); } }