Clear plan for self-study?

I’m still student in university, and I need 2 years to graduate, but the thing is I still don’t know anything about computer science other than problem solving, C++/Python OOP and DataStructure; I know these are heavy important subjects but I’m still lost, my university is also lost for me and I have the power to learn more and more alone but all I need is a clear plan to do that..

I think this question had been asked hundreds of times.. But still there’s no good enough answers.. So let me rephrase the question and ask this :

How to know what kind of majors do I want to learn and work with in the future as graduated computer science student? AND Where to find a tree-plan of skills that I need to learn to reach my goal on that major? AND When I find that tree of skills, Where to learn those skills other than my University?

So I need to know what major I do really need, and how to learn it in a very good way..

Please give me any helpful websites, articles, tests to know what major I want (idk if that’s even exist) and anything you see it could help me 😀

Thanks in advance