Cloak Fighting, the Ultimate Deception… How to Build it?

I’m rolling up a new character, and had an idea for a character inspired by the novel Dance of Cloaks. In the novel, the main character fights like a rogue, but uses his cloaks to displace his position, hide his movements, and surprise his foes.

The only other limitation I am putting on my character is that they either won’t use or will minimally use magic. They rely on pure physical skill and prowess. The DM does not allow anything psionic related or monk related at the table for the sake of balance reasons. The campaign itself is a dungeon-delving style campaign.

I’m going to be making a 5th-level character for this and would like to have a general plan to level 10. The campaign is a hodgepodge of 3e, 3.5e, and pathfinder so feel free to combine things officially printed within them.