Combining table under different alias postgresql

I have two tables trips and users. Whenever an user posts a trip, it stores id of the user as foreign key. And while fetching, I am joining those two tables the following way.


SELECT title, starting_point, ending_point, distance, trips.created_on  FROM trips    JOIN users ON (; 


{             "title": "lorem ipsum",             "starting_point": "Location A",             "ending_point": "Location B",             "distance": 20,             "created_on": "2020-07-27T18:15:00.000Z",             "author": "Test user"         }, 

Result needed.

{             "title": "lorem ipsum",             "starting_point": "Location A",             "ending_point": "Location B",             "distance": 20,             "created_on": "2020-07-27T18:15:00.000Z",             "author": {                        "id":1                        "name": "Test user",                        "role": "admin"                       }         }, 

In short, I want to join user table with trips table but I want to separate the content of user table in different alias in trip.