Command Undead (spell) vs Control Undead

So, I have started playing a necromancer for the first time and have come across the following two spells.

Command undead and Control Undead.

Now, command undead is a second level spell, has day/level duration, and no HD limit. But targets 1 creature, and requires a charisma check to influence them.

Control undead, has a 2HD/level limit, but can affect multiple creatures, however only for minutes instead of days. The major upside I can see here is the multiple targets and easier time controlling intelligent undead.

Overall, command undead seems like a much more useful spell. While Control undead is a 7th level spell, and I cant see the justification for such a high level spell.

Is there something that I am missing or is control undead just a really lackluster spell compared to command undead?