Computer Architecture Problem

A computer system has a 64KB main memory and 1 KB space for the cache memory, and transfer between cache and main memory is 16 * 8 Blocks, uses 2 space blocks in each set(uses set associative), and uses LRU when deciding to change blocks, uses Read Through for read, Write allocate for write and simple write back for write back. offset = 4 number of sets = 32 tag = 7 index = 5 Q) in this system, each element for 20 elements has 8bit, the start of these addresses is arr1 = $ 0000 (in hexadecimal), arr2= $ 0200(in hexadecimal), and assume we wrote a mips program that reads and compare these two arrays elements and writes the big one into an array starts with address arr3 = $ 0410(in hexadecimal), initially assume that the cache is empty, in which blocks and sets the arrays will be placed and the number after comparing in which sets and blocks will be placed (Just I need calculations for hit and miss and read ratios ) and if you can draw it, it would be great