Conditional vs Logical Testing

I would like to get your code thought and views on using conditional vs logical testing.

For example:

To test the conditions of truthness of all of the following variables, their currect status is as follows:

a= True  b= True  c= True  d= True  e= True 

One could use as test as follows to ensure that they all are true:

  1. Method 1:
 If a And b And c And d And e Then x = "Passed" Else x = "Failed"  
  1. Metod 2:
If a = b = c = d = e Then x = "Passed" Else x = "Failed" 
  1. Method 3:
If a Then If b Then If c Then If d Then If e Then x = "Passed" Else x = "Failed" 

With all variables being “True”: Method 2 is the slowest and Method 3 using Condition is fastest.

If any of the variables states would be changed from True to False then Method 3 (Conditional) always wins by big margin.

I do tend to test 2 conditions or more for truthness using the AND logic (we all do, i guess). But isn’t quicker to do an “If If” statement.

Looking forward to your valuable feedback and input.

kind regards