Count the number of words & lines that has multiple vowels in python

I am working on this coding problem “Count the number of words & lines that have more than X vowels for every Y words in every Z line”

Basically the input string has multiple lines and I need to count words that has X or more vowels in them. But the constraint is I need to consider only alternate Zth line as well as alternate Yth word in those Zth lines. For e.g. let’s say I need to count every 3rd word that has 2 or more vowels in every 3rd line. So here X=2, Y=3, Z=3. Check below input string:

"1.When I first brought my cat home.  2.It cost a lot to adopt her.  3.I paid forty dollars for it.  4.And then I had to buy litter, a litterbox.  5.Also bought food, and dishes for her to eat out of.   6.There's a **leash** law for cats in Fort **Collins**.  7.If they're not in your yard they have to be on a leash.   8.Anyway, my cat is my best friend.   9.I'm glad I got her.   10.She sleeps under the covers with me when it's cold." 

Output: Word Count: 2, Line Count: 1

So based on criteria of Z=3 i.e. count every 3rd line so the lines to be considered are line number 3, 6, 9. Also in these lines we need to count Y=3 i.e. every 3rd word. So words to be considered are "forty, it" from line 3, "leash, cats, Collins" from line 6 and "I" from line 9. Given this criteria, the matching words with 2 or more vowels are found only in line 6 with words "leash" and "Collins" so the output is WordCount = 2 and LineCount = 1.

This is my first time writing anything in Python so wrote the basic below code:

class StringCount:      lines = list();   totalMatchedLines = 0;   totalMatchedWords = 0;   matchedChars = 0;    def __init__(self, inputString, vowelCount, skipWords, skipLines, wordDelimiter, lineDelimiter):     self.inputString = inputString;     self.vowelCount = vowelCount;     self.skipWords = skipWords;     self.skipLines = skipLines;     self.wordDelimiter = wordDelimiter;    def splitLines(self):     if self.inputString.strip() == "":       print ("Please enter a valid string!");       return False;           self.lines = self.inputString.splitlines();    def splitWords(self):           self.matchedWords = 0;     self.matchedLines = 0;     self.linesLength = len(self.lines);      if self.linesLength < self.skipLines:       print ("Input string should be greater than {0}" .format(self.skipLines));       return False;      lineCount = self.skipLines - 1;     wordCount = self.skipWords - 1;     lineInUse = "";     words = list();      while (lineCount < self.linesLength):       self.matchedWords = 0;       self.matchedLines = 0;       self.words = self.lines[lineCount].split();       self.wordsLength = len(self.words);       wordCount = self.skipWords - 1;        while (wordCount < self.wordsLength):         self.matchedChars = 0;                for i in self.words[wordCount].lower():           if(i=='a' or i=='e' or i=='i' or i=='o' or i=='u'):             self.matchedChars += 1;                       if self.matchedChars >= self.vowelCount:           self.matchedWords += 1;         wordCount += self.skipWords;        if self.matchedWords > 0:         self.matchedLines += 1;        self.totalMatchedWords += self.matchedWords;       self.totalMatchedLines += self.matchedLines;       lineCount += self.skipLines;      print ("WordCount = %s" % (self.totalMatchedWords));     print ("LineCount = %s" % (self.totalMatchedLines)); 

Since this is my first Python code, I wanted to check how to optimize this code in both performance and line optimization. Are there any inbuilt functionality to shorten the multiple while loops and a for loop?

Any help is appreciated!