Counting occurrences of word in a text

Let’s say I have a long text of 1M words and I would like to create a table of all the words ordered by the number of occurrences in the text.

One approach would be populating a dynamic array with each word and linear search them to count the occurrences in $ O(n^2)$ then sort the array by occurrences in $ O(n\cdot log~n)$ .

Another approach would be to use y priority queue and a trie. The insertion in the priority queue is $ O(log n)$ and the build of the trie is $ O(n)$ . But traversing the trie to build the priority queue is somehow difficult to evaluate.

Eventually using a hash map seems to be the best solution, but computing the hash could cost a little bit of time even though it is just a constant. In this you have $ n$ insertion/lookup in $ O(1)$ then a final sort of the hashmap by occurrences in $ O(n\cdot log~n)$ .

So it is clear that the former approach is the worse and the latter the best. But how can I evaluate the complexity of the second one?