Create a trigger to insert into a view from an existing table

I have a table (Inventory) with below specifications:

Inventory :

([ProductID] [numeric](18, 3) NULL, [RegionID] [numeric](18, 3) NULL, [ShopCode] [int] NULL, [QTY] [float] NULL, [OLAPDate] [varchar](6) NULL, [Price] [float] NULL, [ID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY) 

And I have created a view on it to add a column (HaveQTY) following the below code:

CREATE VIEW V_Inventory_HaveQTY AS SELECT ID, HaveQTY = CASE                     WHEN QTY > 1 THEN 1                     ELSE 0                     END  FROM Inventory 

To finally create the below table:

SELECT I.ProductID, I.RegionID, I.OLAPDate, (100* (1.0*SUM(V.HaveQTY))/(COUNT(V.HaveQTY))) AS NoQTYStores INTO Inventory_NoQTYStores FROM Inventory  I INNER JOIN      V_Inventory_HaveQTY V ON I.ID = V.ID GROUP BY I.ProductID, I.RegionID, I.OLAPDate 

I monthly add new records to Inventory table via bcp utility and want to create a trigger to add these new records to the destination table (Inventory_NoQTYStores) via V_Inventory_HaveQTY view.

I am very new to writing triggers and not sure if I am writing it right. So I get the help from this answer and create the first trigger to insert the new records into V_Inventory_HaveQTY view:

CREATE TRIGGER Update_V_Inventory_HaveQTY ON Inventory AFTER INSERT AS  BEGIN     INSERT INTO V_Inventory_HaveQTY(         ID,         HaveQTY         )     SELECT ID, HaveQTY = CASE                     WHEN QTYMojoodi > 1 THEN 1                     ELSE 0                     END    FROM Inventory END; 

When I add a record manually to the Inventory table to check the trigger, however, I get the below error :

Msg 4406, Level 16, State 1, Procedure Update_V_Inventory_HaveQTY, Line 6 [Batch Start Line 35] Update or insert of view or function ‘V_Inventory_HaveQTY’ failed because it contains a derived or constant field.

Any help would be appreciated.