Create your Chrome Extension for your WEB✅ Notify and Display Posts + Backlink Google for $30

This time, I come with a new and important service to boost your website.It is an extension for the totally unique chrome browser for your website, with which you can retain your visitors, because once installed it will show elegantly the TITLE + DESCRIPTION + LINK of all the latest posts, contributions or entries on your website , managing to maintain and increase your daily visits, you can customize from colors, icons, banner or logo, it also includes mark as read button that is seen in the upper right photo and also highlighting the benefit of obtaining a strong Backlink Seo towards your website, directly from the Chrome Web Store. Try it below … DEMO Benefits Visitor Loyalty, to maintain and increase your recurring visitors. * It shows a list of excellent appearance with more than 10 entries directly in the first installation, with title, description, link and image “your rss should serve it” button mark as read the entire list and will notify subsequent new entries. *Website of your extension in Chrome Web Store fully customizable, title, captures, general description etc. * An important and natural Google SEO Backlink on “Website” directly on the extension page in the Chrome Web Store, which you can see added in the demo. * Activation and commissioning in a few minutes ready for your visitors. *Among other details … I’m at your service. Thank you!

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