Creating Loss Ports For Multiple Output Neural Net

I am making a multi-classfication neural net for a set of data. I have created the net but i think i need to specify a loss port at for each classification

Here are the labels for the classification and the encoder & decoders.

labels = {"Dark Colour", "Light Colour", "Mixture"} sublabels = {"Blue", "Yellow", "Mauve"} labeldec = NetDecoder[{"Class", labels}]; sublabdec = NetDecoder[{"Class", sublabels}]; bothdec = NetDecoder[{"Class", Flatten@{labels, sublabels}}]  enc = NetEncoder[{"Class", {"Dark Colour", "Light Colour", "Mixture",      "Blue", "Yellow", "Mauve"}}] 

Here is the Net

SNNnet[inputno_, outputno_, dropoutrate_, nlayers_, class_: True] :=   Module[{nhidden, linin, linout, bias},   nhidden = Flatten[{Table[{(nlayers*100) - i},       {i, 0, (nlayers*100), 100}]}];   linin = Flatten[{inputno, nhidden[[;; -2]]}];   linout = Flatten[{nhidden[[1 ;; -2]], outputno}];   NetChain[    Join[     Table[      NetChain[       {BatchNormalizationLayer[],        LinearLayer[linout[[i]], "Input" -> linin[[i]]],        ElementwiseLayer["SELU"],        DropoutLayer[dropoutrate]}],      {i, Length[nhidden] - 1}],     {LinearLayer[outputno],      If[class, SoftmaxLayer[],       Nothing]}]]]  net = NetInitialize@SNNnet[4, 6, 0.01, 8, True];  

Here are the nodes that are used for the Netgraph function

nodes = Association["net" -> net, "l1" -> LinearLayer[3],     "sm1" -> SoftmaxLayer[], "l2" -> LinearLayer[3],     "sm2" -> SoftmaxLayer[],    "myloss1" -> CrossEntropyLossLayer["Index", "Target" -> enc],    "myloss2" -> CrossEntropyLossLayer["Index", "Target" -> enc]]; 

Here is what i want the NetGraph to do

connectivity = {NetPort["Data"] ->      "net" -> "l1" -> "sm1" -> NetPort["Label"],    "sm1" -> NetPort["myloss1", "Input"],    NetPort[sublabels] -> NetPort["myloss1", "Target"],     "myloss1" -> NetPort["Loss1"],    "net" -> "l2" -> "sm2" -> NetPort["Sublabel"],    "myloss2" -> NetPort["Loss2"],    "sm2" -> NetPort["myloss2", "Input"],    NetPort[labels] -> NetPort["myloss2", "Target"]}; 

The data will diverge at “net” for each classifcation and pass through the subsequent linear and softmax layer and to the relevant NetPort The problem im having is at loss port which diverges at each softmax layer.

When i run this code

NetGraph[nodes, connectivity, "Label" -> labeldec,   "Sublabel" -> sublabdec] 

I recieve the error message: NetGraph::invedgesrc: NetPort[{Blue,Yellow,Mauve}] is not a valid source for NetPort[{myloss1,Target}].

Could anyone tell me why this occurring?

Thanks for reading.