Creating trigger from one database table to another database table postgresql

I have two database say db1 and db2. And two tables user_auth_table in db1 and user_table in db2. Now I want to trigger a function which sync up few values in both tables for each new row or on each new insertion in user_auth_table.

I have tried to write on my own and creating trigger in db1. But the error says user_table doesn’t exist. Which I know why I am getting this error. Any suggestion to target the tables outside the db ?

CREATE TRIGGER sync_user_table AFTER INSERT ON user_auth_table for each row execute procedure syncAndMaintainUsersTable()  create or replace function syncAndMaintainUsersTable() returns trigger as $  BODY$   begin if NEW.user_uuid<>OLD.user_uuid then     insert into user_table values (NEW.user_uuid, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, NEW.provider); end if; return new; end; $  BODY$   language plpgsql;