[ Credit ] Open Question : Depressed and suicidal over debt?

So I’m 19 and I have credit card debt. Recently, I was in an accident that caused my right ankle to break, and I dislocated my left kneecap, and fractured my left wrist. I had to quit my job because it was very physical and I had no way of completing my job. I made ends meet for 9 weeks by using money in my savings, selling things around my house, and putting things on my credit card. I tried to live as frugual as humanly possible, but I still ended up maxing out my $ 700 credit card. I finally could get another job, and all new employees don’t get paid until after 4 weeks of being there… so I have no idea what I’m going to do for the next 3 weeks. My credit card bills is over a month late, and the company calls me multiple times a day, and I explain to them that I have EVERY intention to pay every dime off the card. I just don’t know what to do. I blew through my college savings, so Idk what to do. I don’t have anyone to turn to. Any advice? how do you cope with depression? I’m not looking for sympathy, just advice.