Cross-Domain Request is a CSRF Attack? (CORS)

CORS is a HTTP Suite header that “relax” the SOP. One of the CORS misconfigurations is about to reflect without reg exp the “Origin” client header into “ACAO” response header. If it happens with “ACAC:true” every cross-domain HTTP request is allowed.

If an attacker induces a victim to visit with another tab of the browser, a malicious web server with a Javascript CORS exploit; the browser triggered by exploit does a HTTP request to a vulnerable webpage and sends the output to a web server controlled by the attacker.

It happens because CORS has a misconfiguration and because the vulnerable page doesn’t have a CSRF Token.

Was this Cross-Domain HTTP request essentially a CSRF attack? If yes, it happens because there is a CORS misconfiguration and there isn’t the CSRF Token? What happens if it has a Anti-XSRF Token?

I read that CORS and SOP can’t block a CSRF attack, because the policy prevents only to access to the response on the request, but the HTTP request works anyway.

If CORS and SOP can’t block a CSRF attack, the CSRF attack could work also if the web server target is not vulnerable a CORS misconfiguration?