[crowdymarketing.com] Crowd marketing service

Hello, I would like to offer you my crowd marketing service. If you have a business and would like to attract new customers, then it’s exactly what you need.
Pricing is the most affordable I could find on the Internet. Why this can be interesting, you ask?

1) The maximum relevance of the target audience.
2) Maximum relevance of content to the subject of the marketing object
3) The congruence of the region of the site and the region of distribution of the marketing object.

Moreover, as the greatest difference between what we offer and website promotion service or other advertising services is in fact that these ads are lifelong. There is no need to pay every month to gain new visitors that possibly are not interested in your product or service – you pay once and gain the benefit forever. This is not just an “additional traffic” for your site, so far, according to our internal statistics, 50% of the visitors referred by our posts spend more than 2 minutes on the target website, open more than 2 tabs, and often buy a proposed product or service. It actually works.

Any niche is accepted. Even those, that are usually disapproved by Google Ads and similar services.

For more information, feel free to ask me here, check the FAQ or reach my colleagues via email or chat, available on the website.