Ctools modal for node view – Node template does not get called

I wanted to display node view in popup through ctools modal.

for which I have created a menu path modal/%ctools_js/%node

and in the menu callback below is defined

if ($  js) {     ctools_include('modal');     ctools_include('ajax');     //Default CTools JS.     ctools_modal_add_js();   }    // Load the node object.   $  node = node_load($  nid);   // Render content in 'FULL' view mode.   $  content = node_view($  node, 'full', NULL);   $  contents = render($  content);    return ctools_modal_render($  node->title, $  contents); } 

with this node Content is getting displayed in modal but raw data is coming up, node–article.tpl.php template is not getting called.